At a glance:

Two radio projects,
Five actions,
One music video,
Two TV programmes,
Three DVD releases, one re-release,
One project in post-production,
And three live discussions.

2009 and 2010 - one couldn't wish for more different twelve months. After theatre and great big films, the new year promised 'Lennon Naked', and 'This Beautiful Fantastic' was expected to shoot in March. Late in pre-production the feature film however went by the board, and cast and crew dispersed (the project was relaunched this autumn with a new team). The disappearance of 'This Beautiful Fantastic' role meant that this year was almost entirely about television.

First though, the two radio programmes: in March, 'Intimate Letters' was broadcast on BBC Radio 3 (readings from selected love letters by Keats, Hughes and Wilde), and the year ended with a two-part transmission of Markus Zusak's story 'The Book Thief' on BBC Radio 7.
Also, Eccleston participated in Equity's q&a during the National Student Drama Festival in Scarborough, UK.

Now, the TV. The first image and video moments from 'Lennon Naked' were offered already in January, followed by the trail in March. The television film had advance screenings at BAFTA (with Eccleston participating in the q&a) and BFI. It was also shown in Japan. 'Lennon Naked' eventually premièred in UK on the 23rd of June. It has since been transmitted in the US, Australia and other countries. The biopic showed John Lennon at his most troubled and received mixed reviews - there was plenty of enthusiasm and just as much spite - what Eccleston said was to be expected with a film portraying a popular real person.

Before 'Lennon Naked' was shown Christopher Eccleston was cast in Jimmy McGovern's 'Accused', the first new film project of the year. Having started lensing in June, the series was fast-tracked for an autumn release. Christopher Eccleston's episode 'Willy's Story' - sixth collaboration between the writer and the actor - kicked off the series in November. In it, Willy Houlihan tried to make a deal with the powers above, but unfortunately for him on duty was Old Testament God who hadn't yet invented redemption. McGovern's fans received the episode warmly, and those who had some reservations still enjoyed the performances.

Right after the 'Accused' shoot, in the beginning of July the next role - for Hugo Blick's 'The Shadow Line' - was announced. The series had been filming in The Isle of Man for the rest of the summer and London in September. During this period, Eccleston was actively involved for at least six weeks, but the scope of his role and his character's place in the story are yet to be explained. The events are expected though to evolve throughout the six episodes. 'The Shadow Line' is in post-production, and first glimpses already featured in the BBC Drama autumn/winter trail. TX is tentatively set for spring/summer.

Another interesting television event was the première of 'The Happiness Salesman' (short film from 2009) on BBC Two Wales in October. Updated horror fairy tale based on perennial anxieties of motherhood was previously shown at various film festivals around the world.

Even the now somewhat traditional December q&a dealt with a television matter - how powerful a well-crafted docudrama can be. Eccleston selected 'Hillsborough' to be screened by Clapperboard Presents in Liverpool. In its time, fourteen years ago, this film helped set the records straight and was one of the catalysts to further the investigation into the causes of the 1989 stadium disaster.

This was the third q&a in one year. All in all, 2010 was remarkable on the media front. After a couple of years silence, the first interview appeared in connection with the Scarborough festival, but it was only a beginning. Plenty of interviews can be found in/via each film's carry-all posts. Not to forget the one-off event in August, when Eccleston co-hosted Marc Riley's show on BBC 6 Music.

Also this year Chris Eccleston lent his name to several good causes: The Christie appeal, Eccles library, anti-whaling, Oxfam and Burma campaigns. Speaking of videos, Eccleston collaborated yet again with Mancunian band I Am Kloot, this time for their song 'Northern Skies'.

Of DVDs, in February were released 'The Sarah Silverman Program' S.2 Vol.2 (as Region 1 - incl. Dr. Lazer Rage ep from 2008; Region 2 coming February 7, 2011) and 'Amelia' (2009, Regions 1 and 2). 'Lennon Naked' DVDs followed immediately after respective UK (June) and USA (November) premières. Worth attention is the re-release of 'Our Friends In The North', while probably not what the grand series deserves, still, it's a chance for everyone to re-watch - or watch it for the first time.

Thank you.

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