'Intimate Letters' on BBC Radio 3

ce2010-03-20 Tomorrow, Sunday 21 Mar, 22:45 (UK time) on BBC Radio 3:
Actors Christopher Eccleston and Olivia Hallinan read from a selection of love letters - both real and fictional - by Shakespeare, Edith Wharton, Emily Dickinson, Ted Hughes, Keats and Oscar Wilde; including music by Couperin, Wagner, Kurt Weill and Mozart.
Details on the BBC site. The programme is part of Words and Music and 60 min long.

Read by Christopher Eccleston:
00.05 - 04.35 Keats: Letter to Fanny
12.21 - 14.17 Hughes: Birthday Letters: The Shot
23.11 - 23.56 De profundis: Oscar Wilde
44.51 - 47.48 Hughes: Birthday Letters: Epiphany


Tarot said...

Is this just available in the UK or will the US be able to access it?

¡Oye Cristóbal! said...

Radio service (also 'listen again') normally available worldwide, access either directly from iPlayer or from Radio 3 site, link in the post.

Should also appear here on the blog at a later point.

chiclit said...

Tarot: I have never had any issues listening to live BBC radio or using the iPlayer from the US only thing I need to remember is we are on Daylight savings time so the time difference is less than usual:)

Anonymous said...

When I saw Christopher (along with Simon Armitage, Francesca Annis and Tom Paull) reading the letters and poems of Ted Hughes a couple of years ago I noted that he was clear, his articulation was crisp and there was the briefest of hints of his annonciation came from the North.

The playright Alan Bennett calls the IVS or Irritable Vowel Syndrome, but here Christopher was showing a side to him that is rarely heard his RP (Received Pronnociation).

These readings were deeply profound in the way he read and delivered them, really BBC3 should have broadcasted them on Valentine's Day IMO.