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8 January
Narration, radio --- 'Jim Allen: A Man of His Words' // BBC Radio 4


10 December
Carols by Candlelight charity event for NSPCC // London
site - unofficial photos one - two

1 December
Nomination, IPA Satellite Awards - Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television - Christopher Eccleston, 'The Leftovers', HBO
nomination - all 'The Leftovers' nominations
CE was previously nominated by IPA for 'Jude'.

23 November
Radical Readings and Salford Stories // Working Class Movement Library, Salford
"10.11.14 The Working Class Movement Library is sorry to have to announce that Christopher Eccleston will not be able to take his place on stage with Maxine Peake and Sheila Hancock for the already sold out Radical Readings event on Sunday 23 November. He apologises to everyone but has not been able to get out of a revised filming schedule that weekend.
Chris has been replaced, in an inspired if slightly surreal suggestion from Maxine who recently worked on radio with him, by another local legend Mike Joyce of The Smiths, who says he is very much looking forward to it."

Cover A
9 October
'Doctor Who' - 'Weapons of Past Destruction'
New Ninth Doctor comic announced, by Cavan Scott for Titan.
author's blogpost - story details [youtube]
The story in the comic will be the first adventure for the Doctor, Rose & Jack, set before 'Boom Town', dealing with leftover Time War armament.

15 Jan Io9 interview with Cavan Scott
6 Jan 2015 PreviewsWorld interview with Cavan Scott
19 Dec MTV art exclusive
The artist for the series will be Blair Shedd (twitter; on alternative covers: "Alice X. Zhang is doing the "A" (primary) cover for Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor #1 and #2, the "B" covers are photo covers, and I'm on the "C" covers (but for 3-5, I'll be on "A").)
Cover B
• There are also retailer-customised covers on offer (BleedingCool).
[To compare, Destro prequel comic had two, photo and drawn, cover versions. ATBN]

Five-part miniseries from March 11. 
Cavan Scott will be signing at Bristol Forbidden Planet - info.
The Ninth Doctor is BACK with a brand-new miniseries: WEAPONS OF PAST DESTRUCTION!
Leaving World War II behind, The Ninth Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack discover that Time Lord technology, lost in the wake of the Time War, is being sold on the intergalactic black market!
Now the threat of a NEW temporal war brews on the horizon. Can the Doctor stop history repeating itself?
 • ATBN talked to the writer on Twitter:
Cover C
ATBN> Sounds amazing. It's within '2005 canon', right?
Cavan Scott> Oh yes.
ATBN> Now we're talking. How are you treating it in your professional circles, just as a separate storyline or a parallel timeline?
CS> An unseen story...
ATBN> Yes, of course, but Time War has been retconned since & if I understand correctly, you're isolating your story from the changes?
CS> I don't think any of the changes affect the Ninth Doctor's era, do they? The only difference these days is that we know Gallifrey didn't burn, but Nine still thinks it did and that he used the Moment. It means that you can read our story in either 'reality' and it doesn't make a difference.
ATBN> Yes [they do affect it], new discourse. Story-wise 9 knew he consciously committed double genocide & survived 'not by choice'. The Moment had rules. [Also,] different writer position for pre & post anniversary 9 - you now know more than the character. Same with viewer/reader. No purity.
CS> But it doesn’t change how I approach him. Every character in the story believes Gallifrey is gone, so it perfectly fits in 2005 era. Of course whenever you write for a past Doctor you know more than them. It’s part of the challenge.
ATBN> 4th Doctor & 2 wires. Say, the dalek fails to trigger the explosion. Bomb was faulty. Decision thus meaningless. This knowledge.
CS> But the decision itself wasn’t. The decision shows the man’s character, whatever happens. Same with 9. No matter what we know, 9′s motivations stem from his guilt. Therefore the story can fit either in 2005 or 2015.
ATBN> It would've been qualified by the subsequent failure. Different diagnosis of the character in the end.
CS> But at the moment of decision he proved what kind of man he was regardless of consequence. That’s my take on it anyway.

ATBN> Why was it a big deal then that Delta Wave had to finish building? 9 could've either used it as a ruse, or given up -> Bad Wolf. Yes re guilt. But: post-50th era _writer_ can't float somewhere neutral. Keystone's shifted, it's not possible to just carry on.
CS> [no reply]

6 October
Casting, TV --- Robert for 'Safe House' // ITV [filming starts in the UK]

18 September
'This Morning' / ITV
video - images one - two
Promoting 'The Leftovers'.
12 September
'Jack to a King' première // London
image - film's site - CE video interview
Swansea FC story.

6 September
Charity event --- Pinknic in the Park 2014 // London
site - images - articles: one, two, three - more images
Judging the Bake Off.

17 August
Narration, TV --- 'Richard III: The New Evidence' // Channel4

5 July
Talk by Steven Fielding, 'Manchester and Salford in political fiction: From Disraeli to Christopher Eccleston' // People's History Museum, Manchester
"From drama to satire, the British public's view of democracy has long been shaped by fiction. Come and hear Professor Steven Fielding's latest research on how the British have imagined their politics, from the parliament worship of Anthony Trollope to the cynicism of the BBC's The Thick of It. Fielding argues that dramas and fictions have performed a crucial if rarely noted role in the battle of ideas, in a way undreamt of by politicians. Fielding's talk, based on his latest book A State of Play, will examine what role Manchester and Salford have played in Britain's imagined democracy, from Disraeli's 1845 novel Sybil to Christopher Eccleston's time as Dr Who and his starring role in the 2012 conspiracy drama Blackout. Along the way Fielding discusses Walter Greenwood's inter war novels Love on the Dole and His Worship the Mayor, the 1970s and 1980s radical dramas of Trevor Griffths and Jim Allen - as well as the politics of Coronation Street. Steven Fielding is Professor of Political History at the University of Nottingham."

29 June
Première, TV --- 'The Leftovers' // HBO

21 June
Screening of Jim Allen's 'The Spongers' // Working Class Movement Library, Manchester
Fourth meeting of the Mary Quaile club, with Jimmy McGovern participating.
"[It] was recorded by Lizzie  Foster who is making a BBC radio documentary about Jim Allen with the actor Christopher Eccleston. Christopher was unable to join us but he sent  a message to the event:  "Jim Allen cared about others and was a technically brilliant writer. A precious combination. The Spongers is  a masterpiece. The greatest British drama. Has anybody currently running BBC, ITV and Channel 4 seen it? I don't think he'd have wanted to just preach to the converted"."

12 June
Casting, film --- Leonard Read for 'Legend' [filming starts in the UK]

1 June
TV --- 'Love Letter to Manchester' // BBC One NW
site w/ clip
Feature on Peter Bowker and his series 'From There to Here'. Eccleston was one of the interviewees. Selected quotes: Honesty and kindness in Bowker's writing connect with people. A footballing moment was used to tell about "the man's fear of fatherhood" in 'The King and Us'. 'Flesh and Blood' had tight budget, modest style, was apparently to be called 'Flesh, Blood and Magic', too long for the BBC. Included clips from the two programmes.

25 May
'Doctor Who' - reissue of the Ninth Doctor comics - 'The Cruel Sea'
Amazon - Forbidden Planet
The volume contains complete Ninth Doctor comics plus commentary for each story by its authors, f.ex. about misguided attempts to 'hero up' CE's likeness and all the ideas that resurfaced in later TV episodes.

5 April
'26 Characters' exhibition opens // The Story Museum
Recorded a story.

24 January
Casting, TV --- Charlie Stoddart for 'Fortitude' // Sky Atlantic [filming starts]


11 December
Première, TV --- 'Lucan' // ITV1

23 November
Narration, TV --- 'D.H. Lawrence: A Journey Without Shame': A Culture Show Special // BBC Two

'Doctor Who' 50:
50 year trailer [youtube]
• Statement from the BBC: "Chris met with Steven Moffat a couple of times to talk about Steven's plans for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode. After careful thought, Chris decided not to be in the episode. He wishes the team all the best." [Digital Spy]
Moffat (SFX 241): "I had an initial contact with Chris [Eccleston] and, in a very amiable and gentlemanly way, he didn't feel that he could come back to it. There wasn't any big fuss about it – I had a couple of meetings with him, and he was perfectly pleasant, and indeed quite enthused about the show, but he just doesn't do that, it's just not him."
BBC America celebrates all year with specials for every Doctor - the 9th Doctor edition 29 Sep - trail [youtube] - site
• 11 short stories to be published digitally and then traditionally for each of the Doctors throughout 2013. Charlie Higson wrote the Ninth Doctor story, 'The Beast of Babylon':
more info - video interview - original news article - review by ATBN
• Royal Mail to issue stamps featuring all the Doctors in March - article 
More 'Doctor Who' videos [youtube]

9 November
TV ---  Poetry reading for 'Remembrance Weekend' // More 4
all poems - press release
Image (Noel Clarke and Christopher Eccleston)
CE read 'Testimony' by Seamus Heaney [video] and 'Dulce et Decorum Est' by Wilfred Owen [video].

4 November
TV --- 'Timeshift - When Coal Was King' // BBC Four

2 November
Theatre --- 'National Theatre - 50 Years on Stage' // BBC Two, National Theatre, London

22 October
Première, film --- 'Thor: The Dark World' // London

26-27 September
Première, film --- 'Muse of Fire' // Raindance, London
site & trail - buy on iTunes - interviews - article from when first announced - article - IMDb
Shakespeare documentary by Giles Terera and Dan Poole, with many actors interviewed. Shorter version on BBC Four, 24 Oct (programme page).

24 August
'Doctor Who' at 50 - 'Bad Wolf' and 'The Parting of the Ways' // BFI, London
BFI's DW50 page - introduction - press release [pdf]
Video of the panel on BFI's site - youtube alt
Reports by DW News - The Hollywood News - Jen [blog]
Celebration of the Ninth Doctor. Panel: producer Phil Collinson, director Joe Ahearne and actor Bruno Langley. Radio Times report - message from Eccleston:
"I love the BFI. I love the Doctor and hope you enjoy this presentation. Joe Ahearne directed five of the 13 episodes of the first series. He understood the tone the show needed completely – strong, bold, pacy visuals coupled with wit, warmth and a twinkle in the performances, missus. If Joe agrees to direct the 100th anniversary special, I will bring my sonic and a stair-lift and – providing the Daleks don't bring theirs – I, the ninth Doctor, vow to save the universe and all you apes in it."

31 July
Casting, TV --- John Aspinall for 'Lucan' // ITV [filming in August in London]

29 June
Hodgkiss Award judging panel // Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester
"The Royal Exchange Theatre Hodgkiss Award is the only scheme of its kind in the north that celebrates the unique collaboration between a writer and director.
It offers a theatre maker of outstanding promise the chance to direct a new piece of work – by a writer of their choice – in a production fully supported by the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester in 2014."
CE was unable to attend.

27 June
Rumoured --- 'The Iliad', with Simon Armitage and Jason Done / The Royal Exchange, 2014 [source]. ETA 2014: staged as 'The Last Days of Troy' - CE not in the cast.

10 June
Casting, TV --- Matt Jamison for 'The Leftovers' // HBO [pilot filming Jun 26-Jul 24, Rockland, Westchester, Nassau, NY, USA][picked up for series - filming Feb 2014]

13 April
Reading --- 50 Years of EP Thompson's 'The Making of the English Working Class' // People's History Museum, Manchester
A day conference organised by the People's History Museum and the Working Class Movement Library. With readings by special guests Maxine Peake and CE.
"Edward Thompson's 'The Making of the English Working Class' appeared in 1963 and has become one of the most influential history texts of the 20th century.  It is still in print 50 years on, having survived challenges from Marxist, feminist and postmodern historians.  This day conference celebrates Thompson's classic, and considers its reception, its critics, and why it endures." [more at the People's History Museum's site]


13 December
TV, narration --- 'Timeshift - When Wrestling was Golden: Grapples, Grunts and Grannies' // BBC Four

27 November
At the VIP screening of 'The Oranges' // London
video interview one - two [youtube]

9 October
'The John Lennon Letters' released

7 October
'Antigone' discussion // Cheltenham Literature Festival [w/ dir. Polly Findlay]
Photo by Gareth Iwan Jones.

15 September
Première, film --- 'Song For Marion' [Toronto International Film Festival]

6 September
First trail for 'Song For Marion' [youtube]

2 August
Casting, film --- Malekith for 'Thor: The Dark World' [filming Sep - Oct, UK, Iceland]

24 July
Casting, film --- 'Emily' [short; filming finishes, London]

21 July
Theatre --- 'Antigone' closes

19 July
NT Platform 'In Conversation With Christopher Eccleston' // The National Theatre, London
streaming video - download

2 July
Première, TV --- 'Blackout' // BBC One

23 May
Première, theatre --- 'Antigone' opens with previews // The National Theatre, London [Press Night the 30th]

22 April
London Marathon 2012
tracking page - photos
Ran in aid of Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research, in 4:17:43.

Five Minutes With 24 March
Five Minutes With: Christopher Eccleston // BBC [photo]

10 February
Casting, theatre --- Creon for 'Antigone' // The National Theatre


26 December
Première, TV --- 'The Borrowers' // BBC One

29 November
Advance screening --- 'The Borrowers' // BAFTA, London

21 November
International Emmy Awards // New York
press release
Best Performance by an Actor - for Willy in 'Accused'.

5 November
TV, narration --- Sir Alex Ferguson - 25 Years at Manchester United // BBC One
Football Focus feature [youtube] - progr. infoMatch of the Day [youtube] - progr. info

21 October
BBC's Give an Hour Campaign 2011

13, 20 September
TV, narration --- 'The Bomb Squad' // BBC One

4 September
Radio --- Radio 4 Appeal on behalf of Chance UK

20 July
Q&A --- Masterclass // Theatre Royal Haymarket, London
report here on the blog

8 July
Casting, film --- James for 'Song For Marion' [filmed 18 July - 27 August, UK]

19 June
TV --- 'Auntie's Northern Soul' // BBC One North West
press release - page - clip [youtube]
Extended version 'TV Greats: Our Favourites From The North' // BBC Two (Nov 26)
press release - page - preview
A programme on the old BBC base in Manchester and its programmes before the move to MediaCity. CE shared thoughts on Northern drama. (Extended had slightly less of CE.)

18 June
Casting, TV --- Pod Clock for 'The Borrowers' // BBC One [filmed 26 June - 15 July, South Africa]

9 June
Charity dinner event, in support of Eaves
site - images

Casting, film --- Greg Stonehaven for 'The Darkness'

28 May
TV --- UEFA Champions League Final - intro and interview // ITV
more here on the blog
5 May
Première, TV --- 'The Shadow Line' // BBC Two

4 May
Casting, TV --- Daniel Demoys for 'The Fuse' // BBC One [filmed 7 November - December 2011, January 2012]

[28] April
Casting, TV --- 'The Plot' // Blue Tiger Productions and BBC [pilot filmed in March]
Teaser pilot for a comedy with and written by Jo Brand and Morwenna Banks. Apparently set in the allotments in Ealing, London; Eccleston plays 'a man from Essex', nicknamed 'the fertilizer fuhrer' (info from Chris Eccleston's interviews). Also with London Hughes, Miriam Margoyles. Directed by Charles Martin. Producers Michelle Stapleton (idea author), Morwenna Banks, Wendy Turner. Editor James Hughes.

12 April
Screening, Q&A --- 'The Shadow Line' ep.1 // BAFTA, London

24 March
Theatre --- 'In The Beginning' // Bush Theatre at Westminster Abbey, London

11 February
Doodle for National Doodle Day supporting Epilepsy Action


30, 31 December
Radio --- 'The Book Thief' // BBC Radio 7

6 December
Screening, discussion --- Clapperboard Presents... 'Hillsborough' // FACT, Liverpool

15 November
Première, TV --- 'Accused' // BBC One

2 October
Support for 'Even Though I'm Free I Am Not' and Amnesty's Burma campaign
Aims to draw attention to human rights violations in Burma.

29 September
First official image and brief video moments released for 'Accused'

24 August
Radio --- Curating Marc Riley's show // BBC 6 Music

2 July
Casting, TV --- Joseph Bede for 'The Shadow Line' // BBC Two [starts filming in the Isle of Man; September - London]

23 June
Première, TV --- 'Lennon Naked' // BBC Four

15 June
Voice-over --- WDCS video for 'Don't Let Them Lift The Whaling Ban' campaign
video [youtube] - site

14 June
Opening of Eccles library [photo]
videos - article

10 June
Voice-over --- Oxfam video - urgent appeal
video [youtube] - site

4 June
Video --- I Am Kloot 'Northern Skies'
video [youtube]

11 May
Casting, TV --- Willy for 'Accused' // BBC One [ep starts filming 30th of May]

4 May 
Advance screening, Q&A --- 'Lennon Naked' // BAFTA, London
report here on the blog

31 March
Q&A --- for Equity // National Student Drama Festival, Scarborough
site - source - interview

25 March
First trail for 'Lennon Naked' released

21 March
Radio --- 'Intimate Letters' // BBC Radio 3

21 January
The Christie appeal for Salford Royal hospital
press release

13 January
First official image and video glimpses released for 'Lennon Naked'
press release


11 December
Screening, panel discussion --- Radical TV Drama Season: 'Our Friends In The North' // BFI, London
reports here and here on the blog

27 November
lennon nakedCasting, TV --- John Lennon for 'Lennon Naked' // BBC Four

14 November
Filming --- 'Lennon Naked' [start] [photo]

28 October
Casting, film --- 'This Beautiful Fantastic'
The film was supposed to start shooting in March 2010, but apparently folded due to financial problems shortly before that. Autumn 2010: Has been restarted with new cast and crew. 

23 October
Première, film --- 'Amelia' 

6-17 October
Theatre --- 'Beyond the Front Line' // Slung Low at The Lowry, Salford

23 September
TV, narration --- 'Wounded' // BBC One
The film has won Royal Television Society's award (Documentary) and BAFTA award (Best single documentary).

7 August

Première, film --- 'G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra'

18 July

Theatre --- 'A Doll's House' closes

26 June

First trailer for 'Amelia' released

24 June 
Première, film --- 'The Happiness Salesman' // Palm Springs International ShortFest


Audio --- Tate audio book
- more here on the blog [download]

14 May 

Première, theatre --- 'A Doll's House' opens with previews // Donmar, London [Press Night the 19th] [photo]

7 May 

Short film, narration --- Tate short film released
site & video

27 March 

Casting, theatre --- Neil Kelman for 'A Doll's House' // Donmar Warehouse, London

31 January 

First trail for 'G.I. Joe' released


dr lazer rage20 November 
Première, TV --- 'Sarah Silverman Program' [photo]

13 October 
Voice-over --- Amnesty video for 'Sleepwalk: Say no to 42 days' campaign
video [youtube]
It aims "to stop the UK Government's plans to extend the period of pre-charge detention to 42 days".

happiness salesman30 September 
Casting, film --- Salesman for 'The Happiness Salesman' [images; filming finishes] [photo]

Contributed to 'Manchester Reads' project 
CE's postcard
Known people recommended their favourite books in a form of postcards.

Filming --- 'The Happiness Salesman'

1 August 
Casting, TV --- Dr. Lazer Rage for 'Sarah Silverman Program' [has been filmed]

13 June  
eccleston as mccullenCasting, film --- Fred Noonan for 'Amelia' [starts filming]

7 May 
First image of Destro published [photo]

new orleans mon amour10 March 
Première, film --- 'New Orleans Mon Amour' // SXSW Film Festival, Austin, TX [photo]

22 February 
TV --- 'Inside Out / North West' programme on Celebrity Pig // BBC
press release - video interview - article
Eccleston spoke about collaboration with and being a patron of the learning disabled people theatre.

12 February 
Casting, film --- Destro for 'G.I. Joe' [starts filming]

30 January 
TV --- BBC Four World Cinema Awards
press release - transcript here on the blog
Eccleston was a member of the panel of judges. Broadcast 2nd February.


Radio --- 'The Devil's Christmas' stories // BBC Radio 2

27 November 
eccleston as the riderTed Hughes poetry reading // Purcell Rooms, South Bank, London
Francesca Annis, Simon Armitage, Christopher Eccleston and Tom Paul read from Ted Hughes' letters and poetry.

5 October 
Première, film --- 'The Dark Is Rising' [photo]

A theatre at the Pendleton College (Salford) named after Christopher Eccleston; visited students

eccles station24 September 
Supporting Freccles [photo]
'Friends of Eccles Station', Greater Manchester.

Roma Fiction Fest // Italy
Awarded Best Actor for Stuart in 'Perfect Parents'.
roma eccleston 2 roma eccleston 

eccleston as claude
12 April  
Casting, film --- The Rider for 'The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising'

22 January  
Première, TV --- 'Heroes' series // NBC [photo]

eccleston in perfect parents2006
28 December  
Première, TV --- 'Perfect Parents' // ITV [photo]

22 August 
TV, narration --- 'Secret Life of the Classroom'

Filming --- 'New Orleans Mon Amour'

20 July 
TV, narration --- 'Only Human' ep. 'Bosom Buddies' // Channel 4

15, 16 May 
Theatre --- Narrator for Celebrity Pig's 'Romeo and Juliet' // The Lowry, Manchester

7 April  
Casting, TV --- Stuart for 'Perfect Parents' // ITV

2 March
Theatre --- 'Road' // Royal Court Theatre
Rehearsed reading.

Theatre --- Father for 'An Oak Tree'

6 January 
eccleston for school of nightTheatre --- 'The School of Night' cancelled [would have premièred 13th of February]

20 December  
Casting, theatre --- Christopher Marlowe for 'The School of Night' // Comedy Theatre, London [photo]

eccleston in acehBanda Aceh [photo]
Red Cross site - report 1 - report 2 - inter [RealPlayer videos] - alt video 1 - video 2
Travel for British Red Cross to see how people are rebuilding after the tsunami; presented on BBC Breakfast programme 14th-16th December.

22 November
Presented RTS Craft & Design Awards // London
eccleston library project
12 November 
Documentary, narration --- 'Past - Present - Future' [photo]
About Working Class Movement Library. Shown at Salford Film Festival.
Eccleston said:
"I don't think enough people know of the Library's existence and that was one of the ideas behind the film and one of the reasons why I wanted to do the narration. There couldn't be a better home for the Library than Salford because Salford embodies the struggle of the working classes."
Jury member at 2nd Amazonas International Film Festival // Brazil [photo]

30 October 
Theatre --- Cpt. Tom for 'Night Sky' // Old Vic Theatre, London
A rehearsed reading. The aim of the one-off event was to raise funds for Index On Censorship magazine, which highlights issues regarding freedom of expression.

27 October 
National Television Awards 2005
At Royal Albert Hall. Won Most Popular Actor for 'Doctor Who'. Was scheduled to appear but, according to Russell T Davies, Eccleston was taken ill and could not attend. See more in this article.

17 September  
great north run ecclestonGreat North Run [photo]
Completed in a time of 1:27:19 and coming 354th. Aiding Leukaemia Research.

10 September 

TV --- 'ITV 50 Greatest Shows' programme

3 July 

Radio, drama --- 'The Day in the Death of Joe Egg' // BBC Radio 3

12 June 

eccleston on top gearTV --- 'Top Gear' programme [photo]
video 1 - video 2
Appeared in the 'A Star in a Reasonably Priced Car' segment, consisting of racing a car and a chat in the studio.


22 May 
great manchester run ecclestonGreat Manchester Run 2005 [photo]
Completed the 10k charity run with cast members from the soap 'Emmerdale' in a time of 41:66, coming 299th overall. 

8 May  VE day eccleston 
Hosting V-E Day remembrance concert [photo] 

Casting, film --- 'Double Life' 
f.ex. article  
Set to be directed and written by Joe Ahearne. Budget was £3.5 million, the genre - sci-fi/rom-com (?), but the film was aborted in pre-production. 

4 April  
The Christie Hospital fund-raising campaign  
article 1 - article 2

Launched the campaign and provided voice-over for a cinema commercial that forms part of it.