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Steve Wright programme (2014)
Steve Wright in the Afternoon, BBC Radio 2: on 'The Leftovers', 'Fortitude', life (Sep 23)
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The Arts Show, BBC Radio 2: Claudia Winkleman and Michael Billington review 'Antigone' (Jun 15)

Extract from 'Antigone', as presented on BBC Radio (May 31)
[More on the play here]

Jools Holland, BBC Radio 2: on childhood, acting, music (Nov 14)
Incl. tracks: Paul Robeson - My Curly Headed Baby; John Barry - The James Bond Theme; Prince Buster - Al Capone; The Impressions - It's Alright; John Martyn - Spencer The Rover; Aretha Franklin - Soul Serenade
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'Accused' materials, incl.: 
↑ The Paul Franks Show, BBC Radio WM: on career, event TV, actors he admires (Nov 15)
↑ Vicki Archer, BBC Radio Shropshire: on life & career (Nov 15)
Saturday Review, BBC Radio 4: two first episodes reviewed plus extract from 'Willy's Story' (Nov 13)
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Alex Belfield, BBC Radio Leeds: also on career, acting, 'Hamlet', 'Doctor Who', Banda Aceh trip (Nov 12)
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↑ Jo Whiley, BBC Radio 2: Mix-tape, 3 CE's favourite reggae tracks (Aug 9)
Incl. tracks: Desmond Dekker - 007 (Shanty Town); Lee 'Scratch' Perry - I Am The Upsetter; U-Roy - Natty Rebel

Jo Whiley, BBC Radio 2: on music, USA, future (Jun 1)
Incl. tracks: Fleet Foxes - Blue Spotted Tail; The Slickers - Johnny Too Bad; Louis Armstrong - (What Did I Do To Be So) Black And Blue; Gillian Welch - I Made A Lovers Prayer; T. Rex - Life's A Gas
Front Row - 'Depictions of Christ from Dorothy L Sayers to James Frey' - comments by Russell T Davies and CE on 'The Second Coming' (Apr 22)
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↑ 'The Shadow Line' materials - interviews (Jul 15 2010, Apr 27 - May 8 2011)

↑ 'The Book Thief' - a story by Markus Zusak (Dec 30-31)

↑ Becky Want, BBC Radio Manchester - on 'Accused' + all things life & career (Nov 15)

Marc Riley programme (Aug 24)

Tom Dunne, Newstalk, Ireland (info; live on the phone); John Barnes, BBC Radio Lancashire (info; pre-recorded) - on 'Lennon Naked' (Jun 22)

'Lennon Naked' radio reviews (Jun 12-28)

'Lennon Naked' q&a at BAFTA (May 4)
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'Intimate Letters' (Mar 21)

Jo Whiley (2005)

Saturday Review, BBC Radio 4: Extract from 'A Doll's House' (Nora and Thomas) plus the discussion of the play hosted by Tom Sutcliffe (May 23)
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Project TH2058 short stories - 6 visions of the future (Jun)

↑ The Devil's Christmas - 4 spooky tales
The four story feuilleton aired on BBC Radio 2 in December 2007 and 2008.
The Signalman 1/4. By Charles Dickens. The ghostly tale of a haunted railway tunnel.
The Necklace 2/4. By Guy de Maupassant. A young wife yearns like Cinderella to go to the Twelfth Night ball.
Thurlow's Christmas 3/4. John Kendrick Bangs' tale about a demon, a mysterious stranger and a magical manuscript.
The She-Wolf 4/4. By Saki. At a winter house party, one unbearable guest has pretensions to be a master of the dark arts.

Orbital's 'You Lot' and Modeselektor's 'The Rapanthem' are techno tracks with samples from, respectively, 'The Second Coming' and '24 Hour Party People'

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