Chris Eccleston on Marc Riley's Show

2010-08-18 Eccleston is set to appear on Marc Riley radio programme (BBC 6 Music) this coming Tuesday, August the 24th. The show starts at 19:00 (UK) and is available to listen worldwide via the iPlayer.

From Marc Riley's gallery:

Faces — Stay With Me [CE]
The Walkmen — Angela Surf City [MR]
Curtis Mayfield — People Get Ready [CE]
Smoke Fairies — Strange Moon Rising [MR]
Live - The Burns Unit — Trouble
The Smiths — How Soon Is Now [CE]
The Specials — Blank Expression [CE]
Live - The Burns Unit — Since We've Fallen Out
Paul Robeson — My Curly Headed Baby [CE]
Sparks — This Town Isn't Big Enough For Both of Us [CE]
I Am Kloot — Favourite Sky [CE]
Toots & The Maytals — 54-46 Was My Number [CE]
Live - The Burns Unit — All of This In Writing
June Tabor — Now I'm Easy [CE]
Bob Marley & The Wailers — Stir It Up [CE]
Aretha Franklin — Soul Serenade [CE]
Sweet — Blockbuster [CE]
Linton Kwesi Johnson — It Dread Inna Inglan [CE]
Euros Childs — Spin That Girl Around [MR]

From programme's page:
24/08/2010 Tuesday, 19:00 on BBC 6 Music:
An actor extraordinaire joins us this evening - Christopher Eccleston, plus live a live band are in the studio to provide musical magic - The Burns Unit ... a Scottish super group!!

Christopher Eccleston will be in the studio with Marc helping him choose the music for the show ... so if you're wondering what the ex Dr Who is into, musically, now's your chance to find out!!! There's bound to be some I Am Kloot and more than likely some Richard Hawley.

Christopher Eccleston is a Salford born lad and fab actor. He has appeared in hit TV shows Cracker, Our Friends In The North and Heroes. His film repertoire includes Shallow Grave, Elizabeth & The Others.

Interestingly he's only recently passed his driving test and can only drive an automatic car - so there.
BBC 6 Music publicity:
Christopher Eccleston joins Marc Riley this evening to co-present the show, which includes live musical magic from guest band The Burns Unit.

Christopher Eccleston pays a visit to Marc in the BBC 6 Music Manchester studios to co-present, sharing his musical choices and anecdotes.

Christopher is an award-winning actor whose career is as eclectic as they come – ranging from movies including Shallow Grave, to being the ninth incarnation of Doctor Who and a recent starring role in BBC Four's Lennon Naked, a drama which charted Lennon's transition from "Beatle John" to enduring and enigmatic icon. He has also starred in two videos for Mercury Prize-nominated band – and friends of Marc's show – I Am Kloot.

Marc and Chris's live band for the evening are Scottish "supergroup" The Burns Unit. [...]

Thanks to Jen for additional pics.


Hedgehog said...

Love the last bit starting with "interestingly"... there's a brand new approach on "recently". Yes, it seems the human life span *is* getting longer if we have to redefine recently. ;-)

joanr16 said...

Interestingly he's only recently passed his driving test....

2004 is "recently"? Yeesh.

Alas, I'll be nose-to-grindstone (1300 local time) when this airs. I hope the rest of you are able to listen!

¡Oye Cristóbal! said...

Yeah - I didn't expect such copy/paste silliness in this context. So Doctor Who was, hm, yesterday..?

Joan, the programme will be available on Listen Again for a week.

Anonymous said...

Saw The Burns Unit at Cambridge Folk Festival this year. A very ecclectic music mix by this band who are made up of folk, indie and rap artists.

It took me three years to see Richard Hawley and that again was at Cambridge Folk Festival because he was a late replacement for John Hiatt. It was a hot Sunday afternoon and hence I melted like an ice-cream not just because of his voice but his collection of vintage guitars.

I Am Kloot I last saw at Birmingham Academy 3 on a very cold November night two years ago.

You might hear some reggae too especially Toots and the Maytalls and other old school Trojan. I can well expect the following; Al Green, Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding to be played at some point too.

Looking forward to this and hopefully should be a cracking show.

Hedgehog said...

Got the double day shift for today, just my luck... ah well, perhaps I'll be able to catch the last half-hour or so, if I get out on time and public transport doesn't get stuck again. Otherwise I can only hope that "listen again" works... sometimes those repeats require you being from the uk.

¡Oye Cristóbal! said...

What a pity, Hedgehog. Regular programming on 6 though is normally available also later without restrictions.

Hedgehog said...

Working 16 hours straight... my lot in life. Saving a life... my job and the reason for those 16 hour-days.

Coming home in time to tune in to plaing Aretha Frankling... priceless! ;-)

If anyone's got the rest... thankful to hear about it.

Hedgehog said...

Oooooooooohhhh, seems they did put it up! - Now it's a *perfect* day!

*flashes big Hedgehog grin*

Sleep is soo much overrated!

¡Oye Cristóbal! said...

Hope you enjoyed it, Hedgehog (and re your job, you're a hero, if you don't mind me telling you that!).

chiclit said...

Eccleston in his element.

The most open and relaxed I have ever heard him.

Honestly,I hadn't thought I could stay awake, after a long , hot, emotional day supporting a friend through her mother's funeral-and having to show up at a work social event immediately after, all while battling a summer cold.

But truthfully, sprawled on my bed in the darkness listening to the show, discussion, with the musical choices-everything about the day went away and I was transported to a different place. The only thing that would have been better would have been to watch the live webcast.

And also Sweet!

Loved them as a kid.

¡Oye Cristóbal! said...

Chiclit> Re webcast, it wasn't exactly live - the 2 cameras in Manc studio take images every five minutes (so it's pure chance what a pic shows).

Anonymous said...

As my final paragraph (in this thread) testifies, what a cracking show it was.

Christopher was a man who knew what he was talking about without sound pretentious either. Too often is the case I heard too many radio shows with guests who bore me to tears over their tastes expecting YOU the listener to know in the first instance.

I sent in e-mails but never got them read out though in an indirect way Marc asked Christopher a question which I asked Marc to do, re whether or not Yoko Ono had seen "Lennon Naked" yet.

I wasn't at all surprised by the choices of music Christopher made, though I was startled to find out that he's such a huge folk fan, particularly of June Tabor. Maybe he should check out Cambridge Folk Festival next year.

Eccletic choice, yes as about as my tastes go but not appearing in his words as being "celebrity cool". I loved the chalk and cheese effect of Arethea Franklin to The Sweet.

I can emphasise with Christopher trying to choose "favourites" - I'd have the same problem having such a large music collection myself having collected vinyl and CDs over the last 25 years or so and working in an independent record shop for 15 years during the 80s and 90s on Saturdays. A real education too.

Sorry this is a bit of music rant but I know when someone is genuinely enthused about music like I am.

Hedgehog said...

Very much enjoyed the programme - found myself thinking that's something I could get used to... I was somewhat threshed after my working day, although it surely wasn't half as taxing as yours, Chiclit (and @ alex, no, I don't consider myself a "hero" - someone's gotta do it. I gladly leave the heroism to other people though. Just glad if I can be of help to some folks in trouble, that's all, and yesterday I was able to be very glad ;-)). Refreshing and nicely broad choice of music. I live on the borders between blues, rock, country and folk mostly, so that was like peeking beyond familiar territory in that I didn't actually know most of the bands, but then again not too far.

I had to think of something I once heard, if I remember correctly it was Paul Simon who said it in an interview, about music being the one universal language, and he went on "you could say I speak broken music". Always loved that sentence - it sort of sums up my own relationship to music (although I nowhere near as good a musician as Mr. Simon myself!)

Since you mentioned June Tabor, powerjen, she's one those I didn't know before, but she's sure fascinating, isn't she? I had this one flash of a moment when I just thought, gosh, it would be great if she'd do something with Kevin Welch one time.

In short, outstanding programme and there really should be more like this.

chiclit said...

Oh Hedgehog, I have to go with Alex on this, you are heroic, and my day was not so much taxing as introspective-at the risk of going too OT, after the funeral-which included a lot of reflection about how parents, families, and neighborhoods influence who we end up to be, we were literally discussing what songs we would choose for our funerals. The work social event was introspective too, and then to come home to such an intimate and entertaining show-sort of left me stunned-and left me thinking about the music that came from my parents stereo console back in the day. It also shamed me into remembering the time my younger sister offered up her playlist for me to download on my Mp3 player-and it was studded with songs I used to play incessantly. Made we wish I had better taste..clearly Chris needs his own radio hour once a week..

Anonymous said...

It's rare that a radio music programme should be so good in these days of commercialisation which has killed off radio so much in the last twenty years.

It's always interesting to hear what other people have thought of Christopher being Marc's guest on Tuesday.

Marc has apologised tonight to the e-mails and texts he's received, he's been overwhelmed with them.

Most of them have been very positive citing that Christopher had a good knowledge of music and that he came across as a down-to-earth guy.

Seen June Tabor at least ten times, with pianist Huw Warren and part of the 25th anniversary celebration of the folk rock legends that are the Oysterband back in 2003. I hope to see her again in December in London.

Let's hope Christopher reappears soon on the radio - he has a natural born delivery and pace in no small part due to his craft of acting.

chiclit said...

I have loaded some new stuff in the ipod after listening to the program, but Jen perhaps you could recommend a few key June Tabor songs I should get? I had sadly, never heard of her until now.

Anonymous said...

Recommended June Tabor CDs:

The Definite Collection
Freedom and Rain with Oysterband

All should be currently available though the usual websites and downloading sites.

joanr16 said...

Alex, is there a way to download your 40-minute version? Thanks!

Alex said...

Email me, Joan (latenitemaudlinstreet at gmail dot com).