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Jim Allen: A Man of His Words
Narrator - BBC Radio 4 - Jan 8
site w/ audio & photo - info

"In 1978, Eccleston was inspired to work in television after watching the BBC Play For Today: The Spongers. It was a shattering piece of drama about the impact of welfare cuts, and its devastating ending shocked the viewing public. 
In this programme, Eccleston returns to Manchester to discover more about Jim Allen, the playwright behind The Spongers – a man who 'wrote beautifully about real people's lives'. His many works include Days Of Hope, United Kingdom, Raining Stones, Land & Freedom, and the controversial theatre piece Perdition. 
With contributions from Ken Loach and Jimmy McGovern, listeners hear about the life of the former docker, miner and labourer, a lifelong passionate socialist with an acute ear for the rhythms of working class speech.
Presenter/ Christopher Eccleston, Producer/ Elizabeth Foster for the BBC"

Richard III: The New Evidence
Narrator - Channel4 - Aug 17

Would Richard III's spinal deformity have prevented him from leading the charge at the Battle of Bosworth?

D.H. Lawrence: A Journey Without Shame / A Culture Show Special
Narrator - BBC Two - Nov 23
Dir. Rupert Edwards

"It's a hundred years since DH Lawrence's revolutionary novel, Sons and Lovers, first hit the bookshops - and to celebrate, the writer Geoff Dyer, accompanied by Lawrence scholar, Catherine Brown, retread the Alpine journey that the love-struck Lawrence made when he eloped from England with the sexually liberated Frieda Weekley, in 1912. It was an extraordinary trip that enabled him to complete his first masterpiece and also marked the moment when he decided to risk everything for his writing.
"As Geoff and Catherine head into the mountains, the film ranges over the globetrotting story of Lawrence's life and work and takes the opportunity to fight back against Lawrence's many critics. With assistance from a clutch of Lawrence admirers - including poet Simon Armitage, novelist Rachel Cusk and the biographer John Worthen - the hikers peel back the stereotype of Lawrence as that earnest, one-track-mind novelist to reveal one of the most adventurous, humane and influential figures of the 20th century."

Timeshift - When Coal Was King
Narrator - BBC Four - Nov 4
Dir. Kate Thomas
site [w/ clips]

"Timeshift explores the lost world of coal mining and the extraordinarily rich social and cultural lives of those who worked in what was once Britain's most important industry. It's a story told through a largely forgotten film archive that movingly documents the final years of coal's heyday from the 1940s to the 1980s. One priceless piece of footage features a ballet performance by tutu-wearing colliers. Featuring contributions from those who worked underground, those who lived in the pit villages, those who filmed them at work and at play and those - like Billy Elliot writer Lee Hall - who have been inspired by what made coalfield culture so unique."

Nineteen Eighty-Four
Winston Smith - BBC Radio 4 - Feb 10, 17
By George Orwell, dramatised by Jonathan Holloway

site - audiobook

BBC Radio 4 continues to journey through the labyrinth that is the life and work of George Orwell.

BBC Radio Drama Newsletter: "Christopher Eccleston and Tim Pigott-Smith will be in the drama studio this weekend [June 23-24, 2012] to play Winston Smith and O'Brien in Jonathan Holloway's dramatisation of George Orwell's 1984. Big Brother telescreens and rats at the ready. For broadcast early in 2013 in the Classic Serial as part of a short George Orwell season." 
120 min.

Won in category Radio - Best Adapted Drama at Prix Italia, 21-26 Sep 2013. The verdict:
Nineteen eighty-four (BBC UK).
The jury appreciated the sophisticated adaptation of this iconic novel by George Orwell and the freshness which the writer brought to this well trodden tale. We were deeply impressed by the sensitivity of the casting and the flawless classical production values which was brought to bear. We were also touched by the fine performances of the central characters. A high risk strategy taken by the BBC to produce 1984 has paid off handsomely.
Source [pdf]

The Telegraph - Radio Drama Reviews Online - Sci-Fi Bulletin - The Stage


Timeshift - When Wrestling was Golden: Grapples, Grunts and Grannies
Narrator - BBC Four - Dec 13
Dir. Linda Sands
site [w/ clips]

"Timeshift turns back the clock to a time when villains wore silver capes, grannies swooned at the sight of bulky men in latex and the most masculine man in the country was called Shirley. In its heyday, British professional wrestling attracted huge TV audiences and made household names of generations of wrestlers from Mick McManus and Jackie 'Mr TV' Pallo to Giant Haystacks and Big Daddy. With contributions from inside the world of wrestling and surprising fans such as artist Peter Blake, this is an affectionate and lively portrait of a lost era of simpler pleasures, both in and out of the ring."

Notes: Structuring narration.


The Bomb Squad
Narrator - BBC One - Sep 13, 20
By Sarah Hardy and Blue Ryan
site - extract

"An intimate and observational documentary meets the men and women whose job it is to find and defuse Improvised Explosive Devices in Afghanistan; exclusive access to the team has been granted by the Ministry of Defence."

Notes: Structuring narration.

Narrator - May 25
By Claire Hunt and Chloe Porter

Historical docu-drama set in Elizabethan times, and telling the story of twins Margaret and Alexander Radclyffe, of Ordsall Hall in Salford. More here on the blog.

The Caveman's Career
Narrator - Acme Art

"An animated short designed to get primary school children talking about using their ambitions and dreams to choose a future career."

Notes: Narration throughout the short.


The Book Thief
Narrator - BBC Radio 7 - Dec 30, 31

A new production of 'The Book Thief' by Markus Zusak, read by Christopher Eccleston. Children's story presented by Chris Pizzey. Two parts.

Notes: Reading of an abridged book.

Intimate Letters
Narrator - BBC Radio 3 - Mar 21

"Actors Christopher Eccleston and Olivia Hallinan read from a selection of love letters - both real and fictional - by Shakespeare, Edith Wharton, Emily Dickinson, Ted Hughes, Keats and Oscar Wilde; including music by Couperin, Wagner, Kurt Weill and Mozart."
Eccleston reads Keats' 'Letter to Fanny', Hughes' 'Birthday Letters': 'The Shot' and 'Epiphany', 'De profundis' by Oscar Wilde.

Notes: Readings accompanied by music.


Narrator - BBC One - Sep 23
Dir. Sara Hardy

"Documentary following the journey of two injured soldiers: 19-year-old Ranger Andy Allen who, in July 2008, had his right leg blown off and his eyes badly burnt by an improvised explosive device; and 24-year-old Lance Corporal Tom Neathway, who lost three limbs after moving a booby-trapped sandbag. Unconscious and watched by their families they fight for their lives, but surviving their injuries is just the beginning."

Notes: Structuring narration.

TATE project 
Narrator - May
By Rachel Stevenson - Dir. Sam Blair

"In Dominique Gonzales-Foerster's installation for Tate Modern's Turbine Hall, TH.2058, the artist imagines Tate Modern 50 years hence. Tate launched a competition, inviting people to respond to her apocalyptic vision of the future by writing a short story. We chose one of the best entries to be turned into a short film, narrated by Dr Who's Christopher Eccleston. Director Sam Blair comments: "I like how the story invents this secretive, murky, scientific conspiracy of silence that is keeping the population literally in the dark.""

Notes: Voice-over throughout the short film.
TATE short stories 

"Tate offered you the chance to respond to TH2058 by sharing your short story vision of 2058. [...] Six stories were selected from the entries by a panel of judges (including writer Jeff Noon and Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster) to form an audio book voiced by Christopher Eccleston."

Notes: Stories, read by CE. Recommended.


The Devil's Christmas 
Narrator - BBC Radio 2 - Dec

1 - Dec 17 - 'The Signalman' - By Charles Dickens. Eerie tale of a railway tunnel haunted by the ghost of a winter's death that is yet to come.
2 - Dec 18 - 'The Necklace' - By Guy de Maupassant. A young wife yearns like Cinderella to go to the Twelfth Night ball. When her husband gets hold of a coveted invitation, she borrows a priceless necklace from a friend. What happens at the party ruins their lives forever.
3 - Dec 12 - 'Thurlow's Christmas' - By John Kendrick Bangs. A haunting story about a writer who is tortured by the Christmas story he can't seem to finish - a tale is about a demon, a mysterious stranger and a magical manuscript. Or is it.
4 - Dec 20 - 'The She-wolf' - By Saki. At a winter house party, one unbearable guest has pretentions to be a master of the dark arts. There is consternation all round when he turns his hostess into a wolf and then can't seem to turn her back again.

Notes: Stories, read by CE. Strongly recommended.

Narrator - Times Online - Jul 22

"Ever since he'd been a small boy, Sinbad had been enchanted by one thing and one thing alone: the sea. [...] the story of Sinbad – the adventurous sailor who travels far and wide, getting up to all manner of exploits – some of which you won't believe..." A modernized adaptation, made available online as podcast.

Notes: CE reads a story for children, w/ impressions.

Angry Sexy and Working Class 
Narrator - BBC Radio 2 - Jun 22 - Jul 13

"[T]his series is a tribute to the sexy 'angry young men', the working class heroes and anti-heroes who defined the golden age of British films from the late 50s and early 60s."
1 - Jun 22 - 'Angry Young Men'
2 - Jun 29 -
'Up North'
3 - Jul 6 -
'Love and Sex'
4 - Jul 13 -
'Free at Last?'

Notes: Mix of quotes and narration.


Secret Life of the Classroom
Narrator - Channel 4 - Aug 22
Dir. Fran Landsman
site - IMDb - intro on youtube

A one-off documentary following a reception class at a Primary School in Bath.

Notes: Structuring narration.

Only Human
Narrator - Channel 4 - Jul 20
Dir. Alice Yglesias
site - IMDb

S. 2, ep. 2. 'Bosom Buddies' "Each week in Hartlepool as many as 30 women meet up at the Grand Hotel for a chat and they are soon discussing wigs, false boobs, nipple tattoos and stitches. These are the women of Pansies Breast Cancer Support Group. All have been diagnosed with breast cancer and meet up to support each other through the ups and downs of surviving one of Britain's biggest killers. They share in each other's joys, relief, fears and ultimate battles to survive. United by cancer, but not defined by it, they demonstrate the medicinal qualities of true life-affirming friendships."

The 1970s: That Was The Decade That Was
Narrator - Five - Apr 14

'The Decade That Taste Forgot' "Looks at the fashions and music of the 1970s, including Glam Rock, Ska and soul music, Reggae, Northern Soul, disco, and the rise of supergroups and stadium rock. Also looks at the arrival of Punk, both the music, fashion and cultural impact."

The Bazaar
Narrator - BBC - Feb 17
Dir. Kate Rowland

"A rare and revealing glimpse into the groups of mothers that form the Parent Teachers Associations at two very different schools - only a postcode apart - as they organise their Christmas Bazaars. Will the seasoned olive arrive safely? Will the chocolate fountain gush? Will anyone turn up at all?"

This Sceptred Isle - Empire
Various characters - BBC Radio 4 - Jan-Mar
By Christopher Lee
site - available as audiobook

"This Sceptred Isle: Empire is a narrative history of the British Empire from Ireland in the 12th century to the independence of India in the 20th, told in 90 programmes."

Series 2 (1783 - 1879; ep. 31-60) - all 22 Eccleston related synopses here.

Notes: CE, like other guest actors, does 'readings', f. ex. brief excerpts from historical persons' speeches or letters, that are inserted into Juliet Stevenson's narration.


Working Class Movement Library
Narrator - Nov 12 (Salford FF)
By John Crumpton
- IMDb - watch online - library's site
Image (John Crumpton, Christopher Eccleston and Faisal Qureshi)
Chris Eccleston: "They showed me the film first which I think is a cracking piece of work and anything that goes to further the interests of the working classes, who basically built this country, is important to me, so I was happy to help. I don't think enough people know of the Library's existence and that was one of the ideas behind the film and one of the reasons why I wanted to do the narration." [Source]

Wanted: New Mum and Dad
Narrator - Channel 4 - Nov 3, 10
Dir. Sara Tibbetts
- IMDb

"This two-part series goes to the heart of what it is like to be put up for adoption from the perspective of the children seeking new families." 

Dubai Dreams
Narrator - BBC Two - Oct 31 - Dec 5
6 part documentary

"Dubai is the world's fastest-growing tourist resort and the world's largest building-site. With $2.7 billion worth of property under construction in a single year, Dubai has fast become a magnet for the fabulously wealthy and is the destination for anyone with real money and a taste for luxury.
Each episode gets up close and personal with a particular character who finds themselves caught up in this whirlwind growth; from the Gulf News photographer to the Hot 100 party planner. Each programme in turn reveals something of the unique issues they face and the day-to-day life in such a diverse east-meets-west community."

Notes: Structuring narration. Part 4 best. 

Narrator (UK) - Channel 4 - Aug 18
By David Bodanis, Gary Johnstone - Dir. Gary Johnstone
site (USA) - IMDb

"From the producer of Touching the Void, this drama documentary tells the story of history's most celebrated equation, E=mc2, and the five great scientists who brought it to life.
Based on David Bodanis' bestseller, the film intertwines the youthful romance of Einstein and his future wife Mileva with some of the great scientific discoveries of the 19th century, which Einstein ultimately combined in his astonishing theory of relativity.
E=mc2 is the story not just of the brilliant Einstein, but of those who preceded him: of Michael Faraday's ground-breaking theories and complex relationship with his employer, Sir Humphry Davy; of the execution of brilliant chemist Antoine Lavoisier by French revolutionaries; and of physicist Emilie du Chatelet's fight for recognition in spite of her sex. And of course, it is the story of Einstein's own stunning scientific vision that changed the world. It is also the story of his legacy, inspiring Lise Meitner to split the atom – an event that, to Einstein's eternal regret, made the atomic bomb possible."

Notes: Structuring narration by CE.   

The House of Obsessive Compulsives
Narrator - Channel 4 - Aug 1, 8

"Three obsessive-compulsive disorder sufferers agree to undertake a radical new form of treatment designed to alleviate their condition. Professor Paul Salkovskis meets Wendy, Gerard and Sophie, who each display their own unique symptoms, and invites them to share a house with a team of therapists, in the hope that they can be restored to full mental health."

Notes: Structuring narration.

A Day in the Death of Joe Egg  
Brian - BBC Radio 3 - Jul 3
By Peter Nicholls - Produced, adapted and directed by Pauline Harris

"This 1967 play by Peter Nicholls is a groundbreaking work that retains an undiminished capacity to disconcert - a brilliant, heartbreaking and comic drama about a couple's relationship as parents of a profoundly mentally disabled child."
With Christopher Eccleston (Brian), Kaye Wragg (Sheila), Chloe Pabst-Bohan (Joe), Julia Rounthwaite (Pam), Michael Maloney (Freddie), Lynda Baron (Grace). Recorded on location in Manchester.
Notes: CE plays main character. Dialogues/monologues/pretend/sfx. Strongly recommended.

The Dark Side of Porn 
Narrator - Channel 4/Sundance Channel - Apr 25
Dir. Richard Sanders

S.1, ep. 1. 'Porn Shutdown'. About HIV outbreak in porn industry.

Sacred Nation 
Narrator - BBC - Feb-Mar 
By Michael Symmons Roberts

"Sacred Nation tells the story of religious belief in the British Isles. From long barrows to stone circles, from Druids to Romans, and through holy wars, reformations and revivals, Britain has always been a pluralistic society."
1 - Feb 13 - 'Ancestor Worship and Nature' - On how faith was influenced by the natural world and the threat posed by the elements.
2 - Feb 20 - 'Roman Britain and Christianity' - Britain becomes even more multi-faith as Christianity tries the tolerance of the Romans.
3 - Feb 27 - 'Pagans in the Cathedral' - On the significance of 1066, with the arrival of an army from France bent on imposing its own vision on England.
4 - Mar 6 - 'Destruction of the Sacred' - On the 1500s and the Reformation.
5 - Feb 13 - 'Puritans and Pluralism' - On the Civil War and a puritanical state under a Calvinist dictator.
6 - Mar 20 - 'Immigration' - Britain has always been a pluralistic, multi-faith society.
Notes: CE's narration throughout, interspersed with comments from historians, etc. Recommended.

Born to be Different
Narrator - Channel 4

"Since the turn of the millennium Channel 4 has followed the progress of six children, each with a different disability and been sending out bulletins on their progress every two years or so."


Crossing the Dark Sea
Alec - Jun 5
By Michael Symmons

"For D-Day anniversary. An eyewitness the night before the D-Day landings described the sea as black with boats. The voice of this programme is that of an ordinary soldier on one of those boats. Christopher Eccleston plays Alec, a young British soldier destined for France and for war. Katherine Jenkins (mezzo) sings the voice of his sweetheart, Sian, in a poetic response to the day's events, written by Michael Symmons Roberts and composer James Whitbourn."

Notes: CE plays main character. Story told in first person. Recommended.

Life Half Spent
Roger - BBC Radio 4 - Jan 30
By Lizzie Mickery - Dir. Gemma McMullan
Image (Christopher Eccleston and Lynda Bellingham)
"What brings a woman to write to a prisoner and develop a relationship with him? Life Half Spent by acclaimed writer Lizzie Mickery explores the personal experiences of two women as they each embark on relationships with two male prisoners. No relationship is simple but a relationship with a prisoner brings its own set of difficulties as the women soon discover.
Life Half Spent uncovers the fears of each couple alongside their hopes and dreams and their expectations and disappointments. The drama reveals how and why both couples are drawn to each other and why they believe their relationship will stand the test of time." [BBC]
With Lynda Bellingham (Eileen), Anne Marie Duff (Joanne), Christopher Eccleston (Roger), Stuart Graham (Kevin), Kathy Kiera Clarke (Karen), Roma Tomelty (Gran), Laura Hughes (Probation Officer), Sean Crummey (Fr Nicholls), Chris Rowan (David). [Source]


Cromwell - Warts and All
Narrator - BBC - Nov 24
By Ronald Frame Dir. Andrew Thompson

"Profile of the East Anglian farmer who became supreme ruler of England, Scotland and Wales. Hated and revered in equal measure, Cromwell played a decisive role in the events which led to the English Civil War as well as the trial and execution of King Charles I. Jim Carter plays Cromwell in reconstructions used to dramatise key parts of his life, while historians Richard Holmes and Ronald Hutton share opposing views about England's first non-Royal Lord Protector."

The Importance of Being Morrissey
Narrator - Channel 4
By Ricky Kelehar - Dir. Tina Flintoff, Ricky Kelehar

"Documentary offering exclusive and extremely rare access to one of the most controversial, elusive and enigmatic pop stars of all time. Morrissey, the man who formed and fronted The Smiths (rated most influential group of all time by the NME in 2001) and solo for the last 15 years, has always guarded his privacy. He has not given a major TV interview for 16 years, but for six months he allowed Channel 4 cameras to follow him on tour, on nights out and even into his home in the Hollywood Hills. Morrissey's mysterious nature has led to all kinds of myths attaching themselves to him: that he is celibate, eccentric, a manic depressive - even racist. Here he addresses all these matters directly for the very first time."

Notes: Structuring narration.


The Iliad
Achilles - BBC Radio 4 - May 26, Jun 9
site part 1 - part 2
The story of the feud between Hector and Achilles. In pursuit of the beautiful Helen stolen by Trojan Prince Paris, an Achaen battle fleet has sailed from Greece where the opposing armies meet on the battlefield.
In part 2 Agamemnon has insulted Achilles, who now refuses to fight the Trojans. Meanwhile Hector leads the Trojans in a bloody offensive.
Derek Jacobi narrates Homer's epic account of the siege of Troy, translated by Robert Fagles and dramatised by Tom Holland. 
With Iain Glen, Christopher Eccleston. [Source]

Notes: CE plays one of the characters, while Jacobi's narration takes centre stage.


Bayeux Tapestry
Harold - BBC - Feb
By Simon Armitage and Jeff Young Dir. Kate Rowland
Available as audiobook

A dramatisation of the Bayeux Tapestry. Originally transmitted as five parts in the daily short drama slot, with the main event in the hour long classic serial slot on Sunday.

1 - Feb 19 - 'Bosham' - Harold arrives in Bosham and the air is full of speculation as he waits for a sailing wind.
2 - Feb 20 - 'Normandy' - Harold arrives in France and is captured by Count Guy de Ponthieu. Rescued by William, Duke of Normandy, the indebted Harold swears an oath of allegiance.
3 - Feb 21 - 'The Oath And Edward's Head' - Back in England, King Edward dies in his sleep, and Harold is anointed his successor.
4 - Feb 22 - 'The Coronation And The Cornet' - Following Edward's death, the streets are thronged with mourners and celebrants, as the funeral and coronation coincide.
5 - Feb 23 - 'The Building Of Boats' - The Normans prepare to set sail for England, building a fleet on an unparalleled scale. Meanwhile, Harold has been fighting the King of Norway.
6 - Feb 25 - 'The Battle Of Hastings' - On the ground, there is fear and expectation as ordinary men on both sides prepare for battle.

Some Fantastic Place
Narrator - BBC Radio 2

Feature on songwriters Difford and Tilbrook.


Room of Leaves
Frank - BBC Radio 4 - Oct 28
By Amanda Dalton - Dir. Susan Roberts

"How will Grace cope when her true love Frank lets her down? Using poetry and prose, Amanda Dalton's poignant story tells of how a jilted 70-year-old woman is found dead in a room of leaves, with supermarket eggs clustered in the grass of her garden and pink ribbon everywhere."
With Christopher Eccleston, Ann Rye, Emily Woof. [Source]

Motorway Life
Narrator - ITV - Sept 5, 12, 19

Fly-on-the-wall documentary series looking at life on the busy M6 motorway and its various feeder roads.
[Source: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3]

Pig Paradise
Jack - Apr 2, May 29
By Kitty Fitzgerald - Dir. Pauline Harris

"The bizarre, the beautiful and the brutal converge in Kitty Fitzgerald's poignant tale. Jack Plum has created a paradise for pigs in the cellar of his home. This is made more unusual by the fact that Jack is a 35-year-old man with special needs. When he befriends young Holly Lock, they both delight in this secret underworld. But nothing lasts forever, and the pair battle for survival in a world not ready for outsiders."
With Christopher Eccleston, Becky Simpson, Sue Johnston and Jane Hollowood. [Source]