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"Salford-born actor Christopher Eccleston, who has starred in a string of movies, has backed the Christie charity and Salford Advertiser appeal to raise £250,000 towards the new £17 million Christie radiotherapy centre being built at Salford Royal.

The former Doctor Who star, who has recently signed up to play Beatle John Lennon in a new BBC drama, is urging fellow Salfordians to get involved in the campaign, which is being backed by Christopher's local newspaper, the Salford Advertiser.

Christopher said: "Having supported The Christie for many years, I am delighted that they are bringing their expert and life-saving care to my home city of Salford.
"Building a Christie radiotherapy centre in Salford will mean vital treatment can be delivered closer to people's homes. This will make a massive difference to the lives of future cancer patients in this area so I am urging everyone to do what they can to support the Salford Advertiser's campaign."

The Christie charity teamed up with the Salford Advertiser newspaper to raise a quarter of million pounds for the centre which will open in 2011.

Community fundraising officer for the Christie charity, Ste Anderson, said: "It is fantastic to have an actor of Christopher's stature lending his support to this appeal.
"We want everyone from the Salford area to get behind the Advertiser's campaign to raise £250,000 towards our new radiotherapy centre being built in Salford.
"This centre will transform the way cancer patients from Salford, Wigan and Bolton are treated and you can help make that happen.
"The people of Salford have always been generous and there has been an excellent response to the appeal so far – but there is still a long way to go. We can provide you with lots of support and fundraising ideas so please get involved."

The Christie charity is also throwing open the challenge to generous readers of the Advertiser to become 'Salford Superstars'. To be a Salford superstar the challenge is to raise £100 within 12 months.

Ste added: "You can raise the money in any way you choose – from offering to wash cars for a donation to hosting a charity night – and we will be here to provide you with all the fundraising support you need.
"Why not get together with friends, family, neighbours, classmates or colleagues and become a galaxy of Salford Superstars? Of course, you are welcome to raise more than £100."

To register call 0161 918 7398 or email and you will receive a free Salford Superstars t-shirt.

As well as treating patients for the most common cancers like breast, bowel and lung, this special development will also be a national centre of excellence for treating brain conditions. It will be equipped to deliver stereotactic radiosurgery, a highly specialised neurosurgical technique for brain cancers – making it one of only a handful of such centres in the UK. Currently patients from Greater Manchester have to travel to Sheffield for this treatment. The first Christie radiotherapy centre is opening in Oldham in 2010.

To make a donation visit our dedicated webpage, ring 0161 446 3988 (mention you are donating in response to the Salford Advertiser appeal) or send a cheque made payable to "The Christie, Salford Advertiser" to Salford Advertiser Christie Appeal, Appeals Office, The Christie, Wilmslow Road, Manchester M20 4BX."

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Tarot said...

I'm wondering if there is a way to send international donations. I'm in the US.

¡Oye Cristóbal! said...

I understand the donation through Salford page here is internationally friendly.

Anonymous said...

One of the first attempts I ever did in fandom was back in 2005 was a meet up of Eccleston fans in Manchester entitled "#9 Dream - An Appreciation of Christopher Eccleston".

Those who expressed an interest were to meet at Piccadilly Gardens on the August Bank Holiday Saturday with an accompanied Eeyore of any size or shape.

Oh in case you're wondering, why Eeyores? Christopher was once cited as "Eeyore with sex appeal" by The Guardian I seem to remember well.

It was odd too that a complete stranger when I said goodbye to a fellow fan at Manchester Piccadilly train station he should be carrying one as one, as he waved us with a said Eeyore! He had absolutely nothing to do with the said event as well.

It was nine weeks after Christopher regenerated (weird or what?) and I had a charity raffle in which all money raised went to Christie.

I raised £100 in total.

Ruth Maguire said...

Hi All
The Facebook fan page I co- moderate is organizing some fundraising efforts for this, which will enable anyone to donate online wherever they are. I will let you know details when we are set up. I have been emailing back and forth with the people from Christies and the Salford appeal and they have been really helpful and encouraging. I'll keep you all posted. Ruth x

Anonymous said...

If any Chris fan would like to donate to our efforts, this is the donation page we have set up for the Facebook group we moderate. Thanks!

Ruth, Louise & the Ecclesnuts!