December events
Clapperboard's 'Hillsborough' screening and q&a at FACT
Reading of Markus Zusak's 'The Book Thief' on BBC Radio 7

The usually quiet winter did bring some updates. 'Accused', which premièred in November, will be shown in the Antipodes, Canada, Scandinavia, Poland and Belgium. All3Media expects to announce more sales soon. Jimmy McGovern drama has also been recommissioned for a second series despite somewhat underwhelming performance. DVD release date remains Oct 3.

Some info trickled in regarding Hugo Blick's 'The Shadow Line'. The series, promoted as 'BBC Two's landmark noir thriller', has been undergoing considerable changes in post-production, mutating from 6 x 60' via 7 x 60' to 8 x 50'. While 50 minutes could be the international cut, the episode number still stands. Moreover, one image has been made available (depicting Chiwetel Ejiofor and Christopher Eccleston), a press release detailed the plot (at the moment Eccleston's character Joseph Bede is one of the three main figures in the story) and it was also announced that the series will be presented at BBC's Showcase (just like 'Lennon Naked' last year). There has been however no seasonal trail this year yet either from BBC Two or Drama, and it's unclear whether the series is still meant for spring/summer or has moved to autumn.

Finally, the month of February was dedicated to the National Doodle Day charity action. Having previously fundraised for Epilepsy Action and the Neurofibromatosis Association, from this year on the event is owned just by the former. The action involves celebrities doodling a picture of their choice, which then is auctioned off. Christopher Eccleston's freshman effort, a sketched exterminating dalek, went for £225 - gaining a place among the five highest bids. Alternatively it was possible to vote for favourite contributor and thus also donate to the charity - Eccleston was placed third, with 22 votes. You can see his doodle here.