Video - 'Don't Let Them Lift The Whaling Ban'

w/ Christopher Eccleston voice-over. Somewhat gory images.

" - WE NEED YOUR HELP! On the 21st June the International Whaling Commission (IWC) meets in Agadir and will begin the process of voting on whether to lift the 24 year ban on commercial whaling. This will tear up one of the greatest conservation successes of all time. We hope to bring this critical vote to the public's attention and encourage as many people as possible to speak out by signing an online petition, here at

The aim of the protest is simple; to directly challenge the proposed lifting of the whaling ban and potentially save thousands of whales from being needlessly slaughtered in the future. Each e-protest will be sent directly to the most high profile supporters of removing the ban, including Barack Obama and the Prime Minister of New Zealand.

The central character in the film is played by Alice Dellal, it's narrated by Christopher Eccleston and goth-rock band The Horrors have provided the soundtrack."