Selected articles and interviews. NB: Remember the salt.

2014 07 15 Yahoo TV [online]
Christopher Eccleston Talks 'The Leftovers' Episode 3, One of the Year's Best Episodes of Television Drama
Interview. On: 'The Leftovers', 'Heroes'. 

2014 07 14 Rolling Stone [online]
'The Leftovers' Christopher Eccleston on Faith, Hope and Clarity
Interview. On: 'The Leftovers'.

2014 07 14 Vulture [online]
Christopher Eccleston on Playing The Leftovers’ Muckraking Priest and Returning to Heroes
Interview. On: 'The Leftovers'.

2014 07 13 TV Guide [online]
Leftovers' Eccleston on Matt's Fall From Grace: "There's a Great Deal of Ugliness in Him"
Interview. On: 'The Leftovers'.

2014 07 13 Watching The Leftovers [online]
Christopher Eccleston Explores Father Nutballs' Big Episode
Interview. On: 'The Leftovers'.

2013 10 30 ShortList [online]
Christopher Eccleston
Interview. On: 'Thor: The Dark World', career. 

2013 10 28 Den of Geek [online] Recommended
Christopher Eccleston: Thor, Star Trek, Let Him Have It, sci-fi
Interview. On: 'Thor: The Dark World', career. 

2013 10 27 Daily Record [online]
Thor star Christopher Eccleston: All of my movie heroes as a kid were the bad guys
Interview. On: 'Thor: The Dark World'.

2013 10 24 The Times [text, online] Mind the spin
Tormented? I'm the knockabout clown of the family
Interview. On: 'Thor: The Dark World'.

2013 6 22 Manchester Evening News [online]
Five minutes with: Christopher Eccleston
Interview. On: 'Song for Marion', career.

2012 6 27 The Guardian [online]
Christopher Eccleston: from superheroes to Sophocles
Interview. On: 'Blackout' and TV, 'Antigone' and theatre.

2012 5 16 The Telegraph [online]
Christopher Eccleston interview: 'This is why I became an actor'
Interview. On: theatre and career.

2012 5 14 TimeOut London [online]
Interview: Christopher Eccleston
Interview. On: 'Antigone', theatre, career.

2011 12 24 The Times [text]
'Humans are both ape and angel. I have daily ape moments'
Interview. On: 'The Borrowers', life.

2011 12 22 Digital Spy [online]
Christopher Eccleston 'The Borrowers' Q&A: 'Pod wants to be a hero'
Interview. On: 'The Borrowers'.

2011 12 6 What's On TV [online]
Chris Eccleston: 'I Loved the Book When I Was 7'
Interview. On: 'The Borrowers'.

2011 5 27 [on the blog]
Christopher Eccleston Meets Wayne Rooney
Interview (w/ CE). On: 'Manchester United'. Incl. video of CE interviewing Rooney.

2011 5 24 The Guardian [online]
My TV Hero: Christopher Eccleston on Writer Jim Allen
'Jim Allen wrote beautifully about real people's lives and made me realise the importance of the writing.'

2011 5 1 The Observer [online
This Much I Know: Christopher Eccleston
Interview. On: 'fear, fame and the joy of northern comics'.

2011 4 30 - 5 4 TV & Satellite Week [on the blog, scan]
Out of the Shadows
Preview and interview. On: 'The Shadow Line'.

2011 4 30 - 5 4 TV Times [scan]
We're World Beaters!
Interview. On: 'The Shadow Line'.

2011 4 30 The Daily Telegraph [text, online
The Path of Most Resistance / Christopher Eccleston on The Shadow Line
Interview. On: 'The Shadow Line', life & career.

2011 4 30 The Arts Desk [online] Recommended
theartsdesk Q&A: Actor Christopher Eccleston
Interview. On: life, studies, career, 'Let Him Have It', Hollywood, 'Doctor Who', 'The Shadow Line'.

2011 4 28  What's On TV [online]
Christopher Eccleston: British TV Was My Education
Interview. On: 'The Shadow Line', TV, plans for comedy.

2010 11 30 Liverpool Echo [online]
Christopher Eccleston Says Jimmy McGovern's Hillsborough Is Most Important Work He's Ever Done
Interview. On: Hillsborough, creation & impact of the film.

2010 11 13-19 Total TV Guide [on the blog, scans]
You Be the Judge
Interview. On: J. McGovern, 'Accused', P. Quesnel.

2010 11 13-19 TV & Satellite Week [on the blog, scans]
In the Dock
Interview. On: 'Accused', J. McGovern, working in America, best/coming/wanted roles.

2010 11 9 Manchester Evening News [online]
Ian Wylie's extended version [on the blog]
Christopher Eccleston: I Owe My Career to Jimmy McGovern
Interview. On: career, 'Accused', work w/ J. McGovern, British TV and writers, 'The Shadow Line'.

2010 11 9 TV Choice [on the blog]
Christopher Eccleston, Accused
Interview. On: J. McGovern, 'Accused', life, watching own performances.

2010 8 Mojo [on the blog, scan]
All Back to My Place
Questionnaire on favourite music.

2010 7 The Word [text, scans]
Playing Primal-scream John Lennon Christopher Eccleston discovered "a life like a Greek myth"
Interview. On: 'Lennon Naked', life & career.

2010 7 Mojo [on the blog]
Look at Him 
Interview. On: 'Lennon Naked'.

2010 6 21 The Big Issue [archived online] Recommended
Christopher Eccleston
Interview. On: 'Lennon Naked', British TV, 'Doctor Who', life and career.

2010 6 21 Metro [online]
Former Dr Who Star Christopher Eccleston Gets Naked
Interview. On: 'Lennon Naked'.

2010 6 19 The Guardian [online]
Imagine John Lennon Played by Doctor Who: Christopher Eccleston on Becoming a Beatle
Interview. On: 'Lennon Naked', LA vs. London, life & career; incl. various anecdotes.

2010 6 18 AOL [archived online]
Christopher Eccleston Reveals All About Lennon Naked
Junket plus. On: 'Lennon Naked'.

2010 6 18 Manchester Evening News [online]
Lennon Naked: Christopher Eccleston
Junket plus. On: 'Lennon Naked'.

2010 6 19-25 TV Times [scan]
Mind Games
Junket interview. On: 'Lennon Naked'.

2010 6 19-25 TV & Satellite Week [text]
All You Need is Love
Junket interview. On: 'Lennon Naked'.

2010 6 19-25 Radio Times [text] Recommended
'TV is My Way into My Country, My Culture'
Interview. On: Image, 'Lennon Naked', 'Doctor Who', career & life.

2010 6 14 Wales Online [online]
Eccleston Quit Doctor Who to Be His 'Own Man'
Off Radio Times. On: 'Doctor Who'. 'Lennon Naked'.

2010 6 14 Wales Online [online]
Lennon Star Eccleston Bares All
Junket interview. On: 'Lennon Naked'.

2010 6 12 Daily Record [online]
I Couldn't Believe Producer Wanted Me to Play Yoko Ono
Naoko Mori on 'Lennon Naked' and her role.

2010 5 8-14 Radio Times [on the blog, scans]
Golden Age of Drama
Interview. On: Career, British TV.

2010 5 7 Manchester Evening News [online]
Naked Lennon? I Can Stomach That, Says Chris
Report from the 'Lennon Naked' q&a at BAFTA.

2010 4 1 Scarborough Evening News [on the blog]
What Does the Future Hold for This Out-of-work Time Lord?
Interview. On: National Student Drama Festival, career.

2007 11 27 Total Scifi Online [online]
Christopher Eccleston: The Dark Man
Interview. On 'The Dark Is Rising'.

2007 10 13 Daily Record [text]
Stars Still Rising
Throw-together. On: 'Heroes', 'The Dark Is Rising'.

2007 10 3 Movieweb [online]
Christopher Eccleston Destroys The Seeker in The Dark Is Rising
Interview. Variant of below.

2007 6 28 Joblo [online]
INT: Chris Eccleston
Interview. On: 'The Dark Is Rising', Heroes', film vs. TV, career, acting, future projects ('New Orleans Mon Amour', 'Macbeth').

2007 6 18 Whats On Stage [online]
Macbeth Lures Christopher Eccleston Back to Stage???
Article. On: Unhappened theatre project.

2007 1 Hero Site [online]
Now You See Him: HeroSite Talks with Christopher Eccleston
Interview. On: 'Heroes' and working in USA.

2006 8 11 Salford Star [onlineRecommended
At Home with Christopher Eccleston…
Interview. On: Salford and his background.

2006 4 1 Yorkshire Evening Post [online]
Who's Next...
Article. Launching First Floor project (West Yorkshire Playhouse).

2005 10 26 Manchester Evening News [online]
North Wins Big at TV Awards
Article. On 'Doctor Who' and its stars winning at NTAs incl. why CE wasn't there & his speech.

2005 11 2 Manchester Evening News [archived online]
Eccleston Lends a Hand
Article. Narrated (for free) a documentary on Working Class Movement Library.

2005 6 20 News Letter [off-line]
Dr Who Backing Learning Week
Article. Supporting Learning Disability Week in Northern Ireland for Mencap.

2005 5 13 Manchester Evening News [online]
Demo Fans Vow to Fight Takeover
Article. Supporting Manchester United fans' initiative.

2005 4 28 Manchester Evening News [online]
Dr. Who Takes on New Charity Role
Article. Ambassador for learning disability charity Mencap.

2005 4 5 This Is London [online]
BBC Admits to Dr Who Gaffe
Article. More on BBC's PR miracles.

2005 4 4 Christie's [off-line]
Time Travelling Doctor Launches New Campaign for Christie's
Article. Supporting The Christie Hospital.

2005 3 31 BBC [online]
Eccleston Quits Doctor Who Role
Article. What it says on the tin.

2005 3 24 Blackburn Citizen [online]
Look Who's Talking
Bolton article recap. On: 'Doctor Who'.

2005 3 22 This Is London [online]
Who Is This Doctor?
Interview/feature. On: 'Doctor Who'. Also: Career.

2005 3 21 Manchester Evening News [online]
Eccleston 'Proud' to Be Latest Doctor Who
'Doctor Who' press launch interview write-up.

2005 3 20 The Guardian [online] Recommended
Doctor in the House
Interview. On: 'Doctor Who'. Also: Career and acting.

2004 7 5 BBC News [online]
Doctor Who Actor Wants 'Emotion'
Feature/rehash of DWM interview.

2004 6 30 Manchester Evening News [online]
Dr Who is Winner in War of Words
Article. On: Results of the libel lawsuit.

2004 4 26 Yorkshire Evening Post [online]
Look Who's Talking
Article. Supporting St James's Hospital in Leeds.

2004 2 26 Yorkshire Post [online]
Pupils Reel in Top Award for Short Film About Sweet-toothed Martians
Article. Eccleston was in a panel of judges for UK-wide amateur film competition.

2003 6 12 City Life [online]
Morrissey Back in Manchester
Article. Gossip on Morrissey and Eccleston meeting.

2003 2 8 Daily Record [text]
I'm Not Just a Bony Face
Interview. On: 'The Second Coming', writing.

2003 2 3 Times Online [online, text]
A One-man Awkward Squad
Interview. On: 'The Second Coming', career, plans.

2002 11 2 The Independent [text]
You've Got to Laugh
Interview. On: Reputation, roles taken/sought/lost/good/bad, '28 Days Later', TV, 'Hamlet', everything life & career.

2002 10 21 Daily Record [text]
Stark, Staring Mad for Chris
Interview. On: 'Flesh and Blood', celebrity actors.
[Ironically prophetic, since the star of latest Ken Loach film is Eric Cantona.]

2002 10 14 The Telegraph [online] Recommended
'I Will Probably Fall Flat on My Face'
Interview. On: 'Hamlet'. Also: Career - theatre and film.

2002 10 10 The Guardian [online] Recommended
The Happy Prince
Interview. On: 'Hamlet'. Also: Television, 'Flesh and Blood', career & life.

2002 9 19 Manchester Evening News [online]
Telly Talk: Breaking Barriers
Interview/feature. On: 'Flesh and Blood'.

2002 8 22 This is London [online]
Eccleston Goes Back to His Roots
Interview. On: Career.

2002 6 28 City Life [online]
Write Live
Article. Eccleston was a judge for Royal Exchange's new theatre writing competition.

2002 4 7 The Observer [online]
My Team
Interview. On: Manchester United and life.

2002 1 28 Manchester Evening News [online]
Auschwitz Survivor's Holocaust Plea
Article. Eccleston did the readings at the Holocaust Survival Day commemoration.

2001 12 15 Coventry Evening Telegraph [text]
Othello's Thoroughly Modern Shake-up
Interviews w/ the cast of 'Othello' on their roles.

2001 6 MJ Simpson [online]
Christopher Eccleston
Interview. On: 'The Others'. Also: Cronenberg, Gilliam, 'Revengers Tragedy'.

2001 3 15 Blackburn Citizen [online]
Screen Star Eccleston Rewarded for Excellence
Article. Eccleston received honorary degree from University of Salford.

2001 Netribution [online]
Strumpet. Interview with Christopher Ecclestone [sic]
Interview. On: 'Strumpet'. Also: Current status re assorted projects. [w/ typos or factual mistakes]

2000 10 3 The Press [text]
Clocking In
Feature. On: 'Clocking Off', TV drama.

2000 4 30 The Independent [text]
The Counter: One Minute in the Mind of... Christopher Eccleston
A questionnaire.

2000 2 15 This is London [online] Recommended
Eccleston Comes West at Last
Interview/feature. On: Stage career.

2000 1 27 The Birmingham Post [text]
Not Just a Tough Talker This Man of Many Parts
Interview. On: 'Clocking Off', image.

2000 1 21 The Independent [text]
Heaven Knows I'm Not Miserable Now
Interview. On: 'Clocking Off', image, integrity, career, TV drama.

2000 1 16 The Sunday Herald [text]
Different Class
Interview. On: Career and life. Also: 'Miss Julie', McGovern, 'Clocking Off', class.

2000 1 15 The Guardian [online] Recommended
Home Truths
Interview. On: Career and life & family. Viz., 'Hillsborough', 'Elizabeth', 'Clocking Off', 'Let Him Have It', etc.; acting, unemployment, ambitions, present and future projects.

2000 Netribution [online]
Interview with Christopher Eccleston
Interview. On: GetOutThere project. Also: British & American film industries, start of the career - theatre, Cronenberg, acting, Northern accent, 'Our Friends in The North', aspirations, future projects, 'The Man Who Killed Don Quixote'.

1999 6 5 The Scotsman [text]
Heart of Class
Interview. On: 'Heart', 'With or Without You'. Also: British film industry, influences, career.

1998 10 22 The Birmingham Post [text]
Norfolk Broadens Horizons
Interview. On: 'Elizabeth' (incl. a creepy souvenir from it), choices.

1998 9 4 The Mirror [text]
Heart of Darkness
Interviews. J. McGovern on 'Heart', C. Eccleston on preparation for his role in it.

1996 11 30 The Mirror [text]
Tragedy on the Terrace
Feature. On: 'Hillsborough', playing T. Hicks.

1996 10 5 The Telegraph [online]
Hardy's Man of Passion
Interview. On: 'Jude'. Also: Acting, television, influences, journalists.

1996 10 4 Blackburn Citizen [online]
Little Hulton's Reluctant Film Star
Article. Status report.

1995 3 5 The Independent [text]
Cop, Psycho, Idealist, Brain
Interview. On: Start of the career (w/ quotes by his mentors), McGovern's dramas.

1995 2 9 The Independent [text]
The Prime of Mr McKenzie
Interview w/ Jimmy McGovern on & review of 'Hearts and Minds'.