So this was Spring

This spring offered some unexpected news - and didn't deliver some of the expected.

First it became obvious that 'This Beautiful Fantastic' is not going to happen, with the project returning to hibernation. Instead, March offered a radio programme 'Intimate Letters', combination of music and love letters. Moreover, the trailer for 'Lennon Naked' was released - now also featured on BBC page for the film.

At the time of writing, there is still no TX for the coming première of 'Lennon Naked' - but the first preview was held at BAFTA. Read the report with images and video here on the blog. The second preview is coming June 2nd at BFI - with Q&A sans Christopher Eccleston this time. Find all the info in the main 'Lennon Naked' post.

Eccleston's absence from the panel is due to him filming Jimmy McGovern's 'Accused' in Manchester - first new casting this year. The series is currently planned for autumn transmission on BBC One.

Also, after a couple of years, two articles/interviews appeared: In connection with Equity Q&A at NSDF festival for Scarborough Evening News, and a comment for Radio Times article on British drama.

Aside from 'Lennon Naked' DVD (July 5th), worth mention is the re-release of 'Our Friends in the North' on 6th 27th September (