'Lennon Naked' - BFI Screening + Q&A

UPDATE: Eccleston no longer available due to work commitments. Naoko Mori and Rory Kinnear take his place.

2010-05-26 Advance screening nr. 2 of 'Lennon Naked' - Wednesday, June 2nd, 18.15, at British Film Institute.
Written by Robert Jones (The No1 Ladies' Detective Agency, Party Animals) and starring Christopher Eccleston, Lennon Naked charts the transition from 'Beatle John' to enduring and enigmatic icon during a turbulent and intense time following the death of Beatles manager Brian Epstein. The drama covers a period of changing fortunes from 1967-71; a time of worldwide adulation at one extreme, a combination of frustration and despair at the other.

We are pleased to announce that director Edmund Coulthard, writer Robert Jones and actress Naoko Mori (Yoko Ono) and Rory Kinnear (Brian Epstein) will be present for a Q&A hosted by Paul Gambaccini following this preview. Unfortunately, Christopher Eccleston is no longer able to attend due to work commitments.
Tickets at BFI site (still available).

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Anonymous said...

A real shame that Christopher can't make it to the second preview but I'm not too surprised that filming for "Accused" got in the way.

However, it will be interesting to get two different perspectives on this from both an American, Paul Gambaccini and from a woman's Naoko Mori who plays Yoko Ono.

¡Oye Cristóbal! said...

Hiya Jen.
Are you going?

Yes, it's a shame, but as excuses go, this one is rather nice.
Good chance for Naoko Mori who does have something to say, and most importantly, people will be able to watch the film - which is apparently not being telecast before the 12th.

Anonymous said...

Yes I'm going on Wednesday.

Even without Christopher I still want a second chance to see this drama before it goes out on BBC4.

Concur with you, it's a good excuse for Christopher to be filming. The views of Naoko will be entirely different from that of Christopher and her take on Yoko Ono whether she was either the innocent victim or guilty partner of breaking up of the Beatles.

It'll be interesting to get some views from the audience who aren't necessary fans of Christopher and those who are fans say of the Beatles and/or Lennon.

I hope too, that possibly the BBC will show it on BBC1 rather than the confines of their minority channels in the future...possibly with the forthcoming 30th anniversary of Lennon's tragic death in New York.

As I earlier commented I do remember the 8th December as being one of the saddest days in music history.

¡Oye Cristóbal! said...

That's cool. I want a rewatch too, but I'm beyond skint atm, so no go for me.

In the inters so far Naoko Mori, having done an extensive research, has expressed admiration for Yoko Ono, who she thinks is an amazing woman and artist.

We'll see how the film's received by the general public.

(May 18th same year is equally sad imo)

chiclit said...

Well, I am glad Chris is working on something that sounds interesting. I am sure he will be missed at the BFI event, but it sounds like it will be very interesting-and have a different perspective than the Bafta screening. Naoko Mori seems very engaging, intelligent and forthright in the interviews and appearances I have seen video-sounds like it will be a fascinating evening, look forward to your impressions, Jen. Also will be interested to hear how you feel about the film or what you notice on second viewing.