'Lennon Naked' - BAFTA Screening and Q&A

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2010-04-22 Tuesday 4th May, 18.30 'Lennon Naked' will be screened at British Academy of Film and Television Arts, followed by Q&A with Christopher Eccleston.

UPDATE: Writer Robert Jones and director Edmund Coulthard are added to the roster.

Info and tickets at BAFTA site (sold out).

ce as lennon
Christopher Eccleston is John Lennon, in a single film which charts his transition from Beatle John to enduring and enigmatic icon.

This screening will be followed by a Q&A with Christopher Eccleston, Writer Robert Jones and Director Edmund Coulthard.

Writer Robert Jones articulates the burden of genius, as well as issues of fatherhood and fame - covering a period of Lennon's wildly fluctuating fortunes from 1967-71. When The Beatles' manager Brian Epstein died unexpectedly in 1967, it was a turning point in John Lennon's life. The film focuses on the turbulent and intense period of change that followed, and how John was haunted by his troubled childhood.

Lennon Naked also reveals the impact of re-establishing contact with his long lost father, and the events that led John to shed everything both personally and creatively including calling time on The Beatles. Meeting Yoko Ono was the catalyst for this new era and the film explores the development of their extraordinary relationship, their growing disillusionment with Britain and what caused Lennon to abandon the UK to start a new life in America - a process which ultimately led Lennon to record arguably the most powerful solo work of his career.

Written by Robert Jones and Directed by Edmund Coulthard, key cast also include Christopher Fairbank, Naoko Mori, Claudie Blakley, Rory Kinnear, Allan Corduner, Michael Colgan and Andrew Scott.

A Blast! Films production for BBC Four.
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this!!!

That came a bolt from the blue didn't it?

I've booked my ticket and I'll be happy to report to you and others of this said event.

Happy to meet any other fans too.

¡Oye Cristóbal! said...

You're welcome =)

Yes, very unexpected.
Looking forward to your report - glad you can make it this time.

chiclit said...

Jen, do you Twitter? (Tweet?) I know the geographically challenged folks would appreciate any reporting of the event...

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I don't "tweet" and the only blog I write is on Live Journal and that is somewhat irractic because of my busy life outside work as you well know.

What I try and do is "share" the experience with other fans as I did before last Christmas with the "Our Friends In The North" panel at the BFI.

In case you're wondering, I've no journalistic experience whatsoever, though I did for fifteen years go out with a local broadcaster with whom I no in a relationship with.

One question I've immediately thought of to ask Christopher is "what's you favourite John Lennon track, if any?"

Hedgehog said...

Good to hear we'll be getting a first-hand report! I'm looking forward to reading it. Can't make it across the channel in time, I'm somewhat well-provided with work these days. I hope you'll have a nice time, I'm sure I'm not the only one who'll be with you in mind if not physically there.

chiclit said...

No worries about the Twitter- and Ditto what Hedgehog said!

I will be delighted with whatever and whenever you are able to share-you are a good writer- and am glad that you will be to go!

¡Oye Cristóbal! said...

Hedgehog> Don't give up just yet.

Jen> What about,
"What song influenced/is relevant to your portrayal of John Lennon the most?"

chiclit said...

My two questions would be:

In Let Him Have It and Hillsborough, you met the family members/actual person you portrayed-and even stayed in touch. Have you met any of the Lennon family-Yoko?

Bio-pics-what is your feeling about the balance of capturing the essence of the character and actually inhabiting the look and sound of the person?

'Zanne said...

Anyone know roughly what time these things finish? It'd need to be round 9pm otherwise I couldn't get back home.

¡Oye Cristóbal! said...

The film is 90 min - so until 8 ca, one person discussion should fit in your timeframe.

'Zanne said...

okay have booked a ticket and train tickets. Powerjen51 I would be interested in meeting up.

powerjen51 said...

'Zanne be delighted to meet you. Have we met before? Am sure I've met you outside the Old Vic in 2005please excuse the frazled memory if we haven't.

I have to get back up North before 11.15 p.m. it's my last train!

Me, I'll be in Piccadilly between 4-5.00 p.m. Trying to find someplace to eat. Can't mistake me.

'Zanne said...

my train is at 9.40pm so will be dashing out rather early. May even have to leave before it finishes though hopefully not. I've got to get all the way back to Lancashire and that's well the last train.

I'll let you know nearer the time as I think I've got a mate coming with me. Oh and sadly we've never met but well always got time to meet another fan.

Anonymous said...

Another question

If someone had to play you [Christopher] in a biopic who would play you?