Radio Times - 'Golden Age of Drama'

2010-05-06 Radio Times (8-14 May) carried an essay by Kathryn Flett on British drama today. They also "asked the talent for the view from the inside" and listed "10 new shows you won't want to miss".

Christopher Eccleston
Breakthrough: Cracker, Our Friends in the North Most famous for: Doctor Who Plaudits: The Second Coming Coming up: Lennon Naked, BBC4
"I reached 40 and wanted to rattle my cage a bit, so I went out to LA. But when I came back and did Lennon Naked, having been away for five years, I realised just how brilliant the cast and crews here are.
"When I was a kid I didn't go to the theatre - television was my window onto the world and my first love. And British drama in particular addresses my own culture. It's how the nation talks to itself and it's very important to maintain high standards. In this country we have the best writers. We are a culture of words - it's no coincidence that Shakespeare was born here. I'm more slapdash about the film choices I make, whereas I choose my TV projects very carefully. But it's a tough time and I haven't worked since December because I'm choosy, I would actually like to do comedy for the rest of my life and surprise everyone and myself. My entire personal life has been a comedy, so I have experience."
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