'The Shadow Line' - Radio Inters Plus

• May 8 - Neil Sackley, BBC Radio Solent - on 'The Shadow Line' and running
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• May 5

= MacAulay and Co, BBC Radio Scotland - on 'The Shadow Line', 'Cracker', 'The Fuse', 'The Plot'
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= Bernie Keith, BBC Radio Northampton - on The Smiths and Morrissey, 'Lennon Naked', 'The Shadow Line', TV drama, football, British/American industries, 'The Plot' and 'The Fuse'
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= David White, BBC Radio Cornwall - on 'The Shadow Line', British drama, Cornwall, 'Doctor Who', 'Doctor Who' in Cornwall [actually Hartnell's 'The Smugglers']
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= Andrew Easton, BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester - on 'The Shadow Line', Isle of Man, 'Doctor Who', Manchester United
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= Andy Potter, BBC Radio Derby - on 'The Shadow Line', drama on BBC, career, whether he'd like to write/direct/produce, regrets, work ethics, 'The Fuse'
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= Bob Walmsley, BBC Radio Leeds - on 'The Shadow Line', British and American industries, career, 'Doctor Who'
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= Judi Spiers Show, BBC Radio Devon - on 'The Shadow Line', 'Heroes', 'Hearts and Minds', 'Doctor Who', 'The Plot', Peter Vaughan
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= Alan Simpson, BBC Radio Ulster - on 'The Shadow Line' and Manchester United
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• Apr 30 - Graham Norton, BBC Radio 2 - on 'The Shadow Line' and life & career
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• Apr 27 - Front Row, BBC Radio 4 - Mark Lawson interviews H. Blick and C. Eccleston - includes audio clip from the series (feat. CE)
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2010 Jul 15 - 3FM (Isle of Man) - on 'The Shadow Line', the island and filming there, career, 'dream roles' and future, 'Doctor Who', his 'legacy'
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Marianne said...

Thank you for posting these Radio interviews. I really appreciate them!

Good news about Christopher Eccleston's upcoming projects.

Alex said...

You're welcome. Glad you find them interesting.

Anonymous said...


A million thanks for putting up these BBC local radio interviews up for us.

I would have been down to my local BBC Radio station if he did one for BBC Radio Leicester - the oldest of the lot!

These were so different and the broadcasters were not just talking about the same roles he had done previously either, you had BBC Radio Northampton put on two Smiths's tracks a tad obvious to do so but it made a change to hear them.

I hope "The Plot" is picked up because it would make such a dramatic change for Christopher to do comedy and not just serious drama.

Thanks again Alex.

Alex said...

My pleasure. Most of the presenters indeed did quite a good job.