Christopher Eccleston as Creon
Previews from: 23 May
Opening Night: 30 May
Closing Night: 21 July (extended)
by Sophocles in a version by Don Taylor
Polly Findlay
Role: Creon, King of Thebes
National Theatre, Olivier Theatre

Playtext (transl. by F. Storr) --- NT page (tickets available)

"Jodie Whittaker plays Antigone and Christopher Eccleston her uncle, Creon, in this thrilling contemporary staging of Sophocles' great drama.
Desperate to gain control over a city ravaged by war, Creon refuses to bury the body of Antigone's rebellious brother. Outraged, she defies him and Creon condemns the young woman to be buried alive." NT


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• Nov 25 London Evening Standard Theatre Awards 2012 - Winners - Winners include Soutra Gilmour, Best Design.

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Apr 10 'Antigone' rehearsals start today. (tweet; source)

In Conversation With Christopher Eccleston - An afternoon interview, talking to Al Senter about his current role in 'Antigone' and his career, and answering your questions. July 19 - info and tickets.

Director Polly Findlay will discuss her production of Sophocles' play on Jun 1 - info and tickets.

Feb 10 2012 Christopher Eccleston has been cast as Creon, King of Thebes in 'Antigone':
Desperate to gain control over a city ravaged by civil war, Creon refuses to bury the body of Antigone's rebellious brother. Outraged, she defies his edict. Creon condemns the young woman, his niece, to be buried alive.

He can't forbid me to love my brother. He has neither the right, nor the power, to do that.

The people daren't object but the prophet Teiresias warns that this tyranny will anger the gods: the rotting corpse is polluting the city.

There is no gag like terror, is there, gentlemen?

Creon hesitates and his fate is sealed.

The gods never move faster than when punishing men with the consequences of their own actions.


Antigone - Jodie Whittaker
Creon - Christopher Eccleston
Eurydice - Zoƫ Aldrich
Teiresias - Jamie Ballard
Haemon - Luke Newberry
Messenger - Kobna Holdbrook-Smith
Soldier - Luke Norris

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