'G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra' - DVD Review

eccleston as mccullen thumbnailRegion 2, Paramount DVD (UK).
Written by Stuart Beattie, David Elliot, Paul Lovett, Michael B. Gordon & Stephen Sommers, directed by Stephen Sommers.
With: Ch. Tatum, S. Miller, D. Quaid, C. Eccleston, J. Gordon-Levitt.

For a change, a DVD that arrived earlier rather than later. Region 1 audiences already had the opportunity to obtain it mere three months after the film premièred in the theatres (see original DVD post).

Standard one-disc UK edition comes with English and English HOH subtitles, as well as audio description. It has a decent share of extras: Commentary by the director S. Sommers and producer B. Ducsay, behind-the-scenes and a featurette on special effects. While some of information is interesting, especially the transitions from storyboard to live action, general level is more for younger viewers.

There are no deleted scenes, although glimpses in the featurettes - and the whole sequence in the trailer - together with the novel suggest there were several. Moreover, the brief interview with Eccleston has also fallen by the wayside, further diminishing his presence in the additional materials to almost zero. Given the importance of his role in the film, it is peculiar and a bit sad.

But anyway, if you've opted out of watching it on the big screen or just want a rewatch, it's a neat edition that'll cater to your occasional for-the-fun-of-it blockbuster needs.


Christopher Eccleston as James McCullen/Destro:

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