'G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra'

7 Aug 2009
Dir. Stephen Sommers
. Stuart Beattie, David Elliot, Paul Lovett, Michael B. Gordon & Stephen Sommers
Role: Destro.

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News (most recent first):
  • 2011 The sequel cast, mostly new, is being assembled.
  • Aug 3 The Wrap: Sequel is slowly moving towards pre-production again, with Stephen Sommers returning to direct. -- While information that all the actors are contracted to participate reappears, screenwriters have expressed their intention earlier this year to cut down the ensemble, so it's likely not everyone will actually be called back (Channing Tatum semi-confirmed, Lee Byung Hun and Joseph Gordon-Levitt rumoured).
  • Feb 3 "Filming for the sequel is scheduled to begin in August with a pending 2012 release." allkpop.com -- Has been postponed.
  • Jan 7 2010 Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are writing the sequel (iesb.net, collider.com). The latter repeats that all actors were signed for sequels. -- Changes are being made.
  • Dec 12 The film has made it into the Visual Effects first shortlist for the Academy Awards (indiewire.com).
  • Aug 11 Regarding the possible sequel, according to aceshowbiz.com, "All of the 'G.I. Joe' lead actors are contractually obligated to return for another installment. [...] However, director Stephen Sommers is not [locked]."
  • Slightly better than predicted below, the film grossed $56.2 $54.7 million this opening weekend (BoxOfficeMojo).
  • Aug 5 Predictions at Coming Soon.
    Destro wallpaper (Click for full size)

  • Aug 6 Di Bonaventura interview at ign.com.
  • 'G.I. Joe' won't be screened for critics after all (studiobriefing.net).
  • Aug 3 Los Angeles Times article about the atypical 'G.I. Joe' marketing.
  • Destro mask concept art at Stephen Sommers' site.
  • The official site has been updated with, among other features, character pages, cast info and production notes.
    Character page
    "Like all of our characters, McCullen has many sides to him," di Bonaventura explains. "He's a legitimate arms dealer, if you could say that, who is in the arms procurement and creation business with NATO's backing. He's a man who can carry on that kind of high finance, Heavy Duty technical world and, at the same time, behind him is this completely illicit organization."

    "There's a great deal of dishonesty behind him, but I suppose that's a given in this Byzantine world of crosses, double-crosses, vengeance, money, lust for power and greed," says British actor Christopher Eccleston, who portrays the complex character. "He seems to be working, like all 'bad' characters, in the end, for himself, in this case, with a desire to control the world."

    Di Bonaventura, who first came upon Eccleston in Danny Boyle's 1995 film 'Shallow Grave' (and more recently seen as Britain's Dr. Who), notes, "He's such a dynamic actor and brings such gravitas to the movie. It's fantastic, because he sort of anchors the bad guy side and keeps it a little more on the ground, as The Baroness, The Doctor and Storm Shadow can be very theatrical."
  • Jul 29 Two more clips and two behind the scenes, Sound Design and Larry Hama.
    Filming the 'presentation for NATO' scene
  • Director Stephen Sommers behind the scenes video.
  • Pre-release opinions & spoilers:
    Harry Knowles himself has weighed in at AICN here. AICN also offers two readers' reviews, more or less positive. LatinoReview has one positive here. Collider reviews the film there. io9 reporter read the novelization and chimes in with critique here.
  • Jul 14 2 new TV spots, new Destro scene.
  • First look at Destro's mask? Actually it's third (AF and comic came way before) or even fourth (if you count that screencap), and still just a drawing.

  • The Doctor and McCullen (Japanese trail)

  • Jul 6 Japanese trail emerged, new Destro scene.
  • May 31 Full clip from MTV Movie Awards there. Preview clip here. Or ad/restrictions free here on the blog.

  • Behold the new international poster (click for bigger version). Pictured: Cobra or M.A.R.S.: Storm Shadow, The Baroness, Neo Viper, The Doctor. The G.I. Joe team: Ripcord, Scarlett, Duke, Snake Eyes. New version added.
  • McCullen. L: Ordering the warheads. R: Promising revenge.

  • Apr 28 New trailer will be attached to 'Star Trek'. Trailer Addict: "It will hit the Internet first on Friday May 1st. The trailer will be released by MySpace at 4:30 PM." Watch the trails here on the blog.
  • Apr 24 Channing Tatum is out promoting his new movie 'Fighting' but he has some nice things to say about his next movie 'G.I. Joe' and a co-star in this month's American magazine Vanity Fair:
    Christopher Eccleston…

    Eccleston! Eccleston! Eccleston's done something—he did something with the character that I didn't expect. I don't even know if I want to give it away. He kind of took his own liberty with it and kind of saw something in there that I think is brilliant, and I hope people pick up on it. I won't say what it is 'cause I don't want to give it away.

  • Prequel comic book #2: 'DESTRO'
    The summer's big blockbuster is not the beginning! Learn the legacy of Clan Destro in a bloody history lesson you'll never forget. Then follow the latest heir to the Destro manor as he travels to Paris for an illegal arms deal with some bad guys who think they can re-negotiate terms — with bullets! They have no idea who they're haggling with.
    Released in April - check your local comics store. Available w/ photo (as above) or drawn (on the left) cover art.

    Some extracts: Destro arriving in Paris. Weapon demonstration. Dinner's cancelled.
  • Mar 19 Preview of unfinished 5 min material in Australia - opinionated go-through here on ign.com.
  • First variant of Destro AF (1). Also: San Diego Comic Con Special AF (double pack with James McCullen IX; 2, 3).
  • 123
  • Jan 8 Variety is confirming that Paramount Studios will be running a trailer advertisement for 'G.I. Joe' during the American Super Bowl on February 1, 2009.

  • On the left: McCullen - Launching the attack.
    On the right: Scene from the trails, not in the film - 'What did you say your unit was called?'


bebop said...

destro sure has a "nine" look to him...love jacket.

thanks for doing the blog! :)

Alex said...

Hiya Bebop!
Colour me confused re 'nine' look. In what way?

And no worries, thanks for reading, hope you'll be around. =)

bebop said...


Just that the comic Destro looks like he's wearing a similar jacket and jumper to Nine...as well as the haircut. It's a reach, I know!! ;)

thanks to you and to chiclit for putting this blog together! And for that pic of CE/Leo (totally shallow, me, I know! ) :)

Alex said...

Oh, I see. That's just the look from the comic strip, done by a slightly lazy artist =) In the film it's more sophisticated, and his hair is combed back, not shorn.

As for the blog, we do it for Eccleston, you lot and, well, our own pleasure =) Thanks again for reading and commenting!

Hedgehog said...

release date moved from 6th to 13th here *bangs head*... well 13 has always been my lucky number! Plus, 13th is my free weekend, so much better, really... it'll just be hard to wait another week ;-).

(ironically, the word verification for this comment is "trist" - talk about coincidences...)

Alex said...

Hi Hedgehog.
Have some chips and join me in waiting =)

(Yeah, word verification is quite spooky, almost every time I get it, it's relevant - or even wry.)