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ATBN would like to introduce Thought Control, fortnightly discussions anchored in one film/series at a time, with questions regarding general problematic, creative choices and solutions, character specifics or other aspects of selected Christopher Eccleston titles.

In order to give you time for preparations - refresh your memory or maybe watch something you've not yet seen? - here's the schedule for the first volume:

Week 4 - 'The Second Coming'
Week 6 - 'Let Him Have It'
Week 8 - 'Clocking Off'
Week 10 - 'Perfect Parents'

The first TC post proper - already next week. See you there.



Hedgehog said...


I'm looking really forward to this. And just by chance, I've used "Second Coming" the other night to broaden my best mate's horizon on CE-Films... perfect timing!

(which, of course, doesn't rule out another rewatching once the discussion is up - any ole reason, any ole! ;-))

¡Oye Cristóbal! said...

Hey Hedgehog!
Your ideas were a good incentive.

Looking forward to your comments - and maybe your mate's too? =)