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1995 2 9 The Independent
The prime of Mr McKenzie
Interview w/ Jimmy McGovern on & review of 'Hearts and Minds'.

1995 3 5 The Independent
Cop, psycho, idealist, brain
Inter. On: Start of the career (w/ quotes by his mentors), McGovern's dramas.

1996 11 30 The Mirror
Tragedy on the terrace
Feature. On: 'Hillsborough', playing T. Hicks.

1998 9 4 The Mirror
Heart of darkness
Inter. J. McGovern on 'Heart', C. Eccleston on preparation for his role in it.

1998 10 22 The Birmingham Post
Norfolk broadens horizons
Inter. On: 'Elizabeth' (incl. a creepy souvenir from it), choices.

2000 1 21 The Independent
Heaven knows I'm not miserable now
Inter. On: 'Clocking Off', image, integrity, career, TV drama.

2000 1 27 The Birmingham Post
Not just a tough talker this man of many parts
Inter. On: 'Clocking Off', image.

2000 4 30 The Independent
The counter: one minute in the mind of... Christopher Eccleston
A questionnaire.

2000 10 3 The Press
Clocking in
Feature. On: 'Clocking Off', TV drama.

2001 12 15 Coventry Evening Telegraph
Othello's thoroughly modern shake-up
Interviews w/ the cast of 'Othello' on their roles.

2002 10 21 Daily Record
Stark, staring mad for Chris
Inter. On: 'Flesh and Blood', celebrity actors.
[Ironically prophetic, since the star of latest Ken Loach film is Eric Cantona.]

2002 11 2 The Independent
You've got to laugh
Inter. On: Reputation, roles taken/sought/lost/good/bad, '28 Days Later', TV, 'Hamlet', everything life & career.

2003 2 8 Daily Record
I'm not just a bony face
Inter. On: 'The Second Coming', writing.

2005 3 22 The Evening Standard
Who is this Doctor?
Inter. On: 'Doctor Who'.

2007 10 13 Daily Record
Stars still rising
Throw-together. On: 'Heroes', 'The Dark Is Rising'.