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1996 10 5
Hardy's man of passion
Interview. On: 'Jude'. Also: Acting, television, influences, journalists.

1999 6 5 Scotsman via
Heart of class
Interview. On: 'Heart', 'With or Without You'. Also: British film industry, influences, career.

Interview with Christopher Eccleston
Interview. On: GetOutThere project. Also: British & American film industries, start of the career - theatre, Cronenberg, acting, Northern accent, 'Our Friends in The North', aspirations, future projects, 'The Man Who Killed Don Quixote'.

2000 1 15
Home truths Recommended
Interview. On: Career and life & family. Viz., 'Hillsborough', 'Elizabeth', 'Clocking Off', 'Let Him Have It', etc.; acting, unemployment, ambitions, present and future projects.

2000 1 16 The Sunday Herald via
different class Recommended
Interview. On: Career and life. Also: 'Miss Julie', McGovern, 'Clocking Off', class.

2000 2 15
Eccleston comes West at last Recommended
Interview/feature. On: Stage career.

Strumpet. Interview with Christopher Ecclestone [sic]
Interview. On: 'Strumpet'. Also: Current status re assorted projects. [w/ typos or factual mistakes]

2001 6
Christopher Eccleston
Interview. On: 'The Others'. Also: Cronenberg, Gilliam, 'Revengers Tragedy'.

2002 1 28
Auschwitz survivor's Holocaust plea
Article. Eccleston did the readings at the Holocaust Survival Day commemoration.

2002 2 6 Shields Gazette via
Stars On The Run!
Article. On: Great North Run.

2002 4 7 The Observer
My Team
Interview. On: Manchester United.

2002 6 28
Write live
Article. Eccleston was a judge for Royal Exchange's new theatre writing competition.

2002 8 21
Eccleston goes back to his roots
Interview. On: Career.

2002 9 19
Telly talk: Breaking Barriers
Interview/feature. On: 'Flesh and Blood'.

2002 10 10
The happy prince Recommended
Interview. On: 'Hamlet'. Also: Television, 'Flesh and Blood', career & life.

2002 10 14
'I will probably fall flat on my face' Recommended
Interview. On: 'Hamlet'. Also: Career - theatre and film.

2003 6 12
Morrissey back in Manchester
Article. Gossip on Morrissey and Eccleston meeting.

2004 1 30
Life Half Spent [currently off-line, see Narrations]
Blurb for radio drama by Lizzie Mickery, about "the personal experiences of two women as they each embark on relationships with two male prisoners."

2004 2 3 Liverpool Echo via
In The Frame
Article. Eccleston was in a panel of judges for UK-wide amateur film competition.

2004 2 26 Yorkshire Post via
Pupils reel in top award for short film [...]
Article. See above.

2004 4 26 Yorkshire Evening Post via
Look Who's talking
Article. Supporting St James's Hospital in Leeds.

2004 6 30
Dr Who is winner in war of words
Article. On: Results of the libel lawsuit.

2004 7 5
Doctor Who actor wants 'emotion'
Feature/rehash of DWM interview.

2005 3 20
Doctor in the house Recommended
Interview. On: 'Doctor Who'. Also: Career and acting.

2005 3 21
Eccleston 'proud' to be latest Doctor Who
'Doctor Who' press launch interview write-up.

2005 3 22
Who is this Doctor?
Interview/feature. On: 'Doctor Who'. Also: Career.

2005 3 31
Eccleston quits Doctor Who role
Article. What it says on the tin.

2005 4 4
Article. Supporting The Christie Hospital.

2005 4 5
BBC admits to Dr Who gaffe
Article. More on BBC's PR miracles.

2005 4 28
Dr. Who takes on new charity role
Article. Ambassador for learning disability charity Mencap.

2005 5 13
Demo fans vow to fight takeover
Article. Supporting Manchester United fans' initiative.

2005 6 20 News Letter via
Dr Who backing Learning Week
Article. Supporting Learning Disability Week in Northern Ireland for Mencap.

2005 11 2
Eccleston lends a hand [currently off-line, see Narrations]
Article. Narrated (for free) a documentary on Working Class Movement Library.

2006 4 1 Yorkshire Evening Post via
Who's next...
Article. Launching First Floor project (West Yorkshire Playhouse).

2006 8 11
Interview. On: Salford and his background.

2007 1
Now You See Him: HeroSite Talks With Christopher Eccleston
Interview. On: 'Heroes' and working in USA.

2007 6 18
Macbeth Lures Christopher Eccleston Back to Stage???
Article. On: Unhappened theatre project.

2007 6 28
INT: Chris Eccleston
Interview. On: 'The Dark Is Rising'. Also: Career, acting, future projects.

2007 10 3
Christopher Eccleston Destroys The Seeker in The Dark Is Rising
Interview. Variant of above.

2007 11 27
Christopher Eccleston: The Dark man
Interview. On 'The Dark Is Rising'.

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