So this was December

In the beginning of the month Nine graced one more cover - that of the Time Out special, with ten different versions for the ten Doctors. Although it didn't make it to the streets, it's nice to see the Ninth Doctor remembered anyway.

Another appearance remembered was Nicky from 'Our Friends In The North'. Christopher Eccleston took part in the panel discussion at BFI on the 11th, preceded by a screening of episode 7, '1984'. Peter Flannery, Michael Wearing and Eccleston reminisced about creation of the series as well as bemoaned the sickly state of TV productions. Read report by Jen at the previous link and another one by Hedgehog here - where you can also join the dispute and voice your opinions on TV today.

At the panel it was also mentioned that Chris Eccleston's next TV film 'Lennon Naked' has finished principal filming.

Finally, Region 1 'Amelia' DVD and blu-ray release has been announced for Feb 2nd, promising, among other additional features, one or two relevant deleted scenes (judging by Eccleston's extra interview).

Here on the blog we've added more articles, and running updates are continuing for Filmography, Narrations and other directories.