So this was August

Diabolical and oily lunatic billionaire megalomaniac, 'delightful and actually scary CEO of MARS', played 'with a nice wicked flair' by Chris Eccleston 'in full volume creep mode': That's McCullen summed up. 'G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra' finally arrived on the 7th, and that's the entertainment of the month.
Briefly reviewing the reviews, the overall trend is for the more or less negatively instilled to be critical of McCullen/Destro's portrayal as well, while positive remarks came both from those who enjoyed the film and those who otherwise weren't swayed. All things 'Joe' in this portmanteau post.

This month also brought some updates: 'Hillsborough' DVD is out in a weeks time; 'Feet In The Clouds' project is still afloat; and we finally coaxed some information from Cinetic on 'New Orleans Mon Amour' - it will be available wider in October.

Meanwhile, the blog itself underwent some cosmetic changes. Besides various reshuffling, index for our film reviews has been revamped, and in our annex, archive Crate E15, you can find new - and some never before available online - memorabilia from Eccleston's stage career.

Unbeknownst to us, Claude has graced a couple of 'Heroes' graphic novels since our last update. All of the novels can be accessed via this post here.