'New Orleans, Mon Amour'

10 Mar 2008 (Austin SXSW Film Festival)
Dir. Michael Almereyda
Michael Almereyda, Katya Apekina, James Robison
Role: Dr. Henry.

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  • Oct 11 The film is on iTunes USA. Now also available on Netflix. Oct 23 And Amazon VOD.
  • According to Cinetic Film Buff, NOMA will be available via iTunes and Amazon VOD service in October.
  • Interview with Michael Almereyda here (indiewire.com).
  • More details on the release of CE's film from 2008. According to variety.com, New Orleans, Mon Amour:
    [...] will make its debut July 15 on Cable VOD via the new channel Cinetic Film Buff, followed by portals iTunes and Amazon VOD.
  • May 5 2009 Re the 'expected status change in the first quarter of 2009' ifc.com reports:
    Cinetic Rights Management is set to raise the curtain on three films this summer that one can watch from the comfort of their computer [...] And July will see the online debut of Michael Almereyda's latest drama "New Orleans, Mon Amour," starring Christopher Eccleston as a philandering Dr. Jekyll, who plots a return to normalcy in post-Katrina New Orleans with thoughts of reuniting with his ex-wife when Hyde (Elisabeth Moss), the woman who ruined their marriage, reappears in town.
  • Shown at:
    • 10th, 12th March 2008, SXSW film festival;
    • 12th October 2008, New Orleans Film Festival, evidence here, short inter with Michael Almereyda there;
    • 2008 Torino Film Festival - film entry ("The movie is more about how the characters, and the city they live in, are divided. The storm is part of that, but not the real cause.")