'Hillsborough' - DVD

2009-08-06 'Hillsborough' (1996), much acclaimed McGovern/McDougall drama-documentary film about the stadium disaster from 1989 with Christopher Eccleston as Trevor Hicks, will be released the 7th of September.

Network DVD:
Christopher Eccleston and Ricky Tomlinson head a strong cast in Jimmy McGovern’s emotionally powerful and highly acclaimed dramatisation of personal grief and public issues in the wake of the 1989 Hillsborough stadium disaster. Following the stories of three victims’ families, from the initial excitement of match day to the legal battles that followed the tragedy, Hillsborough presents a raw, honest portrayal of the campaign for truth within a culture of closed ranks and cover-ups. The drama also seeks to dismantle damaging myths regarding fans’ conduct, perpetuated by sections of the popular press and seen by McGovern and others as symptomatic of an ongoing vilification of the working class within the British media; the impact of Hillsborough has been considered an important factor in the setting up of a new official inquiry into the disaster.

Initially screened in 1996, Hillsborough won countless awards, including a BAFTA for Best Single Drama and the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain award for Best TV Play.

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KarenP said...

Any idea whether it will be available in the States as well?

Anonymous said...

Just how long have I waited for this DVD to be issued?

Too damn long IMHO but the victim's families are still waiting for an proper public inquiry into the events.

Christopher shows what an emotionally charged actor he is playing the man who lost two daughters in the tragedy.

Being a Nottingham Forest supporter I remember all too well what happened that fateful day in May 1989.

It still hurts, the ninety-five will not be forgotten twenty years on.

Thanks for letting me know about this!

Alex said...

Earlier this year I missed the best opportunity to enquire about this release, so, believe me, I'm glad it's finally happening.

'Network' caters to the UK market, so this is Region 2 DVD, but it's available as import.

As for the inquiry, I've read (f.ex. here) it's moving forward.

Tarot said...

I'm hoping I can get a copy.