'G.I. Joe' - Destro Extract

2009-07-30 First clip from 'G.I. Joe', featuring Destro, as played by Christopher Eccleston.


Lea said...

Villainy never looked or sounded so damn good! I keep coming back for more regarding this wonderfully talented man and your site never disappoints. Congrats!

Alex said...

Oh yes, the dark side definitely approves.

Thank you for reading!

Anonymous said...

I am grinning more widely than a Cheshire cat!

Doesn't he scrub up well too in a nice tailored suit too? Pity because I expected him to be in a kilt...damn that's my dreams shattered like shards of glass/

Not since "Shallow Grave" has Christopher has spoken with a Scottish brogue!

bebop said...

cool clip! love the scottish accent! and sage advice, "never get caught!"