BBC Reveals New Spring and Winter Line-Up - Eccleston's 'Naked'

eccleston as john lennon2010-01-14 From today's BBC Press Release:
The BBC today unveiled highlights of its Winter / Spring drama offering for 2010. The line-up will provide a huge range of styles and themes with something for all audiences to enjoy.

On BBC One, Billie Piper stars in A Passionate Woman and Idris Elba stars as Luther in the eponymous new take on police drama.

There will also be the much anticipated new series of Doctor Who featuring Matt Smith.

On BBC Two, as part of the channel's Eighties Season, there will be an exciting adaptation of the Martin Amis novel Money and Abi Morgan's new drama Royal Wedding about life in a Welsh village set against the backdrop of the wedding of the Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer. There will also be Dominic Savage's first fully-scripted drama, Dive, co-written with playwright Simon Stephens.

BBC Three sees the return of the award-winning Being Human alongside new lesbian drama Lip Service.

And, on BBC Four, Christopher Eccleston stars as John Lennon in Lennon Naked, the channel's latest biopic.
lennon naked trail screencap lennon naked trail screencap
Ben Stephenson, Controller, BBC Drama Commissioning, said: "I believe that the Winter/Spring line-up underlines our reputation as the home of Britain's most creative and exciting drama. It is the place where new and established writers can realise their most imaginative work.

"Across our four channels, there are bold, modern new series and serials alongside unique and challenging single pieces. Where else will you find a Time Lord, a rock star and a vampire all in one season?"
Details and video: Press Release.

Alt for those not in the UK, Cameron at Blogtor Who has captured the video.

Main 'Lennon Naked' post.


Tarot said...

Thank you for the updates. I really hope BBC America runs this or at the very least there is a DVD release.

Anonymous said...

Try looking 1:45-1:47 the image is spot on regarding John and Yoko's Wedding album on Apple. That pose is spot on.

I remember selling album that when I used to work in a second hand record shop back in the early 90s

chiclit said...

;lTarot, excellent point. I think we both need to email BBC America-seems to be a lot of positive buzz about the movie, the likeness that both Eccleston and Mori have to their subjects is amazing. Sounds like this will air in the spring-can't wait!