From Westminster Abbey to Wembley: Spring brought theatre and TV appearances, as well as a glimpse or two into possible future.

In March, Bush Theatre staged 'In The Beginning' as an ambulatory performance in Westminster Abbey, commemorating King James' Bible. Eccleston read from Exodus 9:1-13 by the memorial to William Wilberforce.

In April, the first episode of 'The Shadow Line' was previewed and a Q&A session with series creator Hugo Blick and Chris Eccleston was held at BAFTA.

Before the series premièred on TV, news about other roles emerged. In the radio and press interviews promoting 'The Shadow Line' Eccleston mentioned having filmed a comedy teaser pilot 'The Plot' (find more details in Timeline). Moreover, it has been announced that he will play the lead character in the coming BBC One and Red Production Company serial 'The Fuse', due to be filmed in Manchester in August and aired in winter/spring 2012.

With 'Luther' moving from its position to summer, beginning of May saw the start of 'The Shadow Line' (the first British multi-episode programme since 'Doctor Who' for CE). The unorthodox production received mixed reviews and elicited very polarized reactions from the viewers. Many were gripped though, not least by complicated Joseph Bede's story, and the finale is said to be nerve-racking.

Promoting the series, Eccleston once again made himself available for multiple radio interviews; new press articles have been added here; other materials and reviews are linked to from the main 'The Shadow Line' page.

While the release of 'Accused' DVD has been pushed to February 6th, 2012, 'The Shadow Line' is out, also on BluRay, the 4th of July. Information on international broadcasts is pending.

Later in May, a historical docudrama '1599', narrated by Eccleston, was screened for the first time at Chorlton Arts Festival.

The spring ended, rather unexpectedly, with UEFA Champions League final between Manchester United and Barcelona (which, less unexpectedly and very sadly, the Red Devils lost). Eccleston interviewed Wayne Rooney and provided the introduction to the match for ITV.

Coming next: June 24th - Theatre Royal Haymarket's Masterclass. Tickets still available, free if you're 30 or under.

P.S.: Don't forget to vote in the first, longlist, stage of the TVChoice Awards - voting closes on June 10th - Eccleston is nominated for Best Actor ('The Shadow Line').