Update summer 2012: Due to be released as a DVD/CD set.

'1599', narrated by Christopher Eccleston, will have its debut public screening at Iguana Bar, Manchester, on Wednesday 25 May as part of the Chorlton Arts Festival. Rachael Magowan (Skylark Media Management, Iguana publicist) described the film for ATBN as "a historical docu-drama set in Elizabethan times, and telling the story of twins Margaret and Alexander Radclyffe, of Ordsall Hall in Salford."

Narrated by Christopher Eccleston
Presented by Clare McGlinn
Margaret Radclyffe: Anarosa de Eizaguirre
Alexander Radclyffe: Charlie Allen-Wall
Written by Claire Hunt and Chloe Porter
John Dowland, performed by La Brigata
Executive Producer: Claire Hunt
Associate Producer: Will Selden

Synopsis: "'1599' is about two young people from Ordsall Hall in Salford (Margaret Radclyffe was a maid of honour to Queen Elizabeth I and her twin brother, Alexander, was a friend of the foremost celebrity of the day, the Earl of Essex). We see court life and the topics of the day through their eyes and experience their story as it unfolds. The drama is elucidated by the narration and the topics covered are further fleshed out in the documentary interviews, in which we follow Clare McGlinn on her quest to discover more about Margaret and Alexander, in parallel to the drama being played out."

For more info on the project and its live version see 1599 Productions site.
1599 Productions is a non-profit voluntary association. Members are unpaid for work done (expenses-only). All net profits go to local charities, including Victoria Baths and voluntary organisations in Central Salford.
The film is s
upported by The Friends of Salford Museums Association and Salix Homes.


Anonymous said...

Another interesting role Christopher takes as a narrator as he was in Celebrity Pig's version of "Romeo and Juliet - A Question of Choice" in 2006.

A pity it's not on the weekend because I'm doing fundraising three consecutive weekends in and around Manchester before and after closeby because I could easily made it and supported this too.

Alex said...

Celebrity Pig's was a theatre event, this one is a film.