'The Guardian's Top 50 Television Dramas of All Time'

2010-01-12 The Guardian's critics have compiled a list of all time best dramas, and "the results might just surprise you". Controversies aside, here are the relevant positions.

30. Inspector Morse
29. Clocking Off
23. Cracker

3. Our Friends in the North
"Three decades, four friends and the world that shaped their lives" was the tagline for this epic drama in nine 70-minute episodes. It is as sharp and wonderful today. Tightly plotted and warmly scripted, Our Friends is a gripping lesson in social and political history, touching on crooked 60s local government, 70s London porn empires, glitzy 80s prosperity and the 90s New Labour dream. Every school history department should own the DVD box set, for among titillating scenes of go-go dancers, gangland squabbles and unplanned pregnancies a strong lesson about Britain's past mistakes resonates clearly. Most brilliantly, Our Friends stars the cream of the country's then fresh young acting talent: future Doctor Who Christopher Eccleston, Bond-in-waiting Daniel Craig, the elegant Gina McKee and brooding Mark Strong. The closing scenes in 90s Tyneside ­accompanied by an Oasis soundtrack are unforgettably moving. GD

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Anonymous said...

And who do we thank that Christopher got the role as Nicky Hutchinson?

None other than Oscar award winning director Danny Boyle!

A future Time Lord and a future James Bond in the same drama, you couldn't make it up!