'Amelia' - DVD & Blu-ray [updated]

Christopher Eccleston film 'Amelia' will be released:

Region 1 - February 2
amazon.com DVD --- 2-disc Blu-ray

Region 2 - March 8
amazon.co.uk DVD


Deleted Scenes:
'A Social Worker in Boston', 'Amelia's Fiancé Before the Friendship Flight', 'The Queen of Diamonds, Mabel Boll', 'Arrival in Wales', 'Dorothy Putnam', 'Dorothy's Departure', 'George and Gene', 'Rose Garden Press Conference', 'Going Cameling' (Eccleston featured), 'Additional Around the World Flying Montage'

--- Following Region 1 only ---

'Making Amelia', 'The Power of Amelia Earhart', 'Movietone News Reels'

Blu-ray also to include: a digital copy and additional featurettes 'The Plane Behind the Legend' & 'Re-constructing the Planes of Amelia'.

High-def Digest article.


Hedgehog said...

"Region 2: March 8th" *cheers* As I hoped, a lot earlier than it's going to be in the cinemas here! And perfect timing for a birthday present! ;-)

¡Oye Crist√≥bal! said...

Same here =) It looks doubtful atm that they're gonna show it here at all, so good for both of us to have seen it abroad, now we can sit and wait for March in relative calm...