So this was July

After a pretty marvellous run, 'A Doll's House' closed its doors on the 18th, nonetheless, there are still the study guide and production videos to reminisce about the play.

'G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra' as per usual offered a host of trails, TV spots and clips (holdall post), of which could be mentioned the Japanese trail with a new Destro and The Doctor scene (Jul 6), TV spots #5 and #6 with a new Destro and Duke scene (Jul 16), the Larry Hama featurette with a short glimpse of filming one Destro scene and, of course, the first clip from the film with Chris Eccleston and some McCullen clan wisdom. Semi-officially there's also a brief extra materials-type interview with Eccleston - it can be found here in the main 'G.I. Joe' post along with pictures, screencaps and everything else, including links to the early reviews.

Headache of the month is 'New Orleans Mon Amour', which, despite its limited release on cable VOD service (Jul 15), has still to find its way to the online counterparts, and information from Cinetic hasn't been forthcoming.