CE Films - Summary

A quick summary of our recommendations.

Doctor Who [TV series]
The Second Coming [TV film]
Flesh And Blood [TV film]  
Revengers Tragedy [film]
Strumpet [TV film]
Jude [film] 
Our Friends In The North [TV series]
Shallow Grave [film]
Cracker [TV series]
Let Him Have It [film]

More good TV:  
Othello [TV film]
Clocking Off [TV series]
Hillsborough [TV film]
Hearts And Minds [TV series]
Inspector Morse [TV series]

Other good titles:
Song For Marion [film]
Accused [TV series]
Perfect Parents [TV film]
With Or Without You [film]
Agatha Christie: Poirot [TV series]

The alternative (south) side:
New Orleans, Mon Amour [film]
Anchoress [film]
Death And The Compass [film]
Good smaller roles: 
Heroes [TV series]
28 Days Later [film]
I Am Dina [film]
The Others [film]
Elizabeth [film]

Exemplary miscellany:
The Sarah Silverman Program [TV series]
Business With Friends [short]
Boon [TV series]