CE Films - Part 15 - 2005-2006



26 Mar 2005
TV series | By Russell T. Davies
Ep. 1: 'Rose' dir. Keith Boak, wr. Russell T. Davies
ep. 2: 'The End of the World' dir. Euros Lyn, wr. Russell T. Davies
ep. 3: 'The Unquiet Dead' dir. Euros Lyn, wr. Mark Gatiss
ep. 4: 'Aliens of London', ep. 5: 'World War Three' dir. Keith Boak, wr. Russell T. Davies
ep. 6: 'Dalek' dir. Joe Ahearne, wr. Robert Shearman
ep. 7: 'The Long Game' dir. Keith Boak, wr. Russell T. Davies
ep. 8: 'Father's Day' dir. Joe Ahearne, wr. Paul Cornell
ep. 9: 'The Empty Child', ep. 10: 'The Doctor Dances' dir. James Hawes, wr. Steven Moffat
ep. 11: 'Boom Town', ep. 12: 'Bad Wolf', ep. 13: 'The Parting of the Ways' dir. Joe Ahearne, wr. Russell T. Davies
Role: Doctor Who.

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Conclusion: Recommended, especially 'Dalek' and 'Father's Day'.

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DVD Notes:
2006 "2 entertain" Regions 2+4 (The Complete First Series). English SDH subtitles, audio description. Extras: Commentaries by R. T. Davies, B. Piper, J. Barrowman, M. Gatiss & S. Callow; B. Piper’s video diary; R. T. Davies inter; M. Gatiss video diary; Extra 'Doctor Who Confidential' disc with cut-down behind-the-scenes for 13 episodes + 'The Christmas Invasion'; Featurettes: 'Destroying the Lair', 'Mike Tucker’s Mocks of Balloons', 'Designing Doctor Who', 'Laying Ghosts – The Origins of The Unquiet Dead', 'Deconstructing Big Ben', 'The Adventures of Captain Jack'; BBC Breakfast inter with CE; Trailers.

28 Dec 2006
TV film | Dir. & wr. Joe Ahearne
Role: Stuart (father).

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Chiclit: "I actually really liked Chris in this domestic role, playing the loving overprotective father, who is willing to both become his daughter's home school math tutor and de-fraud the Catholic Church. It's a message movie, and reunited Chris with one of his 'Doctor Who' directors, Joe Ahearne."

Alex: "Lucy's father, having learnt about dismal conditions at her school, attempts to find a solution, and his actions ultimately become the best example of what happens if you build a DIY nuclear power station when you just need to change the batteries."

C: "I particularly liked the fact that the daughter and what she wanted/was willing to do, her strong family bond with her mother and father were key parts of the story – maybe it's my American eyes, but I thought if the story had been set in the US, the daughter would not have figured so prominently or in the same way that she did in 'Perfect Parents'. The story point about the daughter being in on the deception and being such a part of it, seemed very foreign to me. An American made for TV movie just wouldn't go there."

A: "Depiction of the family life is clearly the strongest side of the film. The father and his daughter are the main focus points, as two parallel progressions, two characters who are undergoing the biggest changes not only in plot development sense. Stuart is actually interesting in himself – he works in a garage, but he is well-read, he has strong views which might be fact or ambition fuelled, and you wonder what his life choices had been.

"Other sides are more problematic. The Catholic theme was what initially disturbed me, because it seemed it was only necessary to make everything more black and white. The film though is not anti-religious, and once you realise that, it's obvious that the writer was just exposing human nature; religion, like any institution/system, provides perfect means for corruption. After this exercise I was able to say that I do like this film, it's paradoxically topical depiction of ordinary family's life."

C: "I liked it as it is actually pretty rare to see CE in a modern-day domestic family man role in Region 1. I thought there were a couple of strong messages about the current state of schools in the UK and of course Catholicism/religion. I thought the casting was exceptionally strong, the performances were all lovely and accessible; the story had some predictable points and a Lifetime Movie Event feel, but also some unusual turns."

A: "I wish the narrative depended less on the drive-in controversies and had more trust in its psychological side – it's durable enough, and portrayals of characters are already strong enough. The film seemed unsolved stylistically, with flash-backs tacked on, there were some easier ways taken, and there were rather unusual technical problems with indoors lighting. Having said that, I must also add that CE makes it worthwhile, his character is indeed convincing."

C: "Given that it's one of Eccleston's first post DW efforts, I think he chose the role for a variety of reasons, but was drawn to the dual nature of the character who could appear so moral and politically correct and then abandon all principles and bring his daughter along with him on the path to hell. All the while making acting choices that have us believe and relate to the decent motivation of his character through a couple of more obvious plot twists.

"I would certainly recommend this film to Chris Eccleston fans, especially those who want to see him in quieter, lovely moments, because I thought the film had several."

A: "And moments like those make this film definitely worth watching. I always remember a silent scene between the father and the daughter – first some time later I realised they haven't said a word to each other."

Conclusion: Good film with some problems. 

DVD Notes:
2006 "Koch Vision" All Regions (sold as Region 1; check w/ your seller). No subtitles, no extras.