3FM Interview w/ Christopher Eccleston

2010-07-15 Whilst filming in the Isle of Man, Eccleston spoke to the local radio 3FM about 'The Shadow Line', the island and filming there, his career, 'dream roles' and future, 'Doctor Who', his 'legacy'.

Listen here.

Christopher Eccleston has established himself as one of the UK's biggest acting exports with major roles in TV and Film on both sides of the pond.

Perhaps his biggest role to date was when he took on the Dr Who reboot in 2005, bringing a tired character back to life and along with writer and director Russell T Davies turning it into one of the most popular shows in the Western World.

He's currently filming a gritty 6 part drama for BBC2 on the Island, The Shadow Line.

He kindly took time out of his hectic schedule to talk to 3FM, we asked him about this new project, how he's finding the Isle of Man and of course Dr Who.
3FM also posted an excerpt here.