'New Orleans, Mon Amour' - DVD Review

All regions, Cinetic DVD-R (DVD on demand; USA).
Written by Katya Apekina, directed by Michael Almereyda.
With: C. Eccleston, E. Moss.

Once again we have a DVD that took its time. NOMA was filmed in 2006, first shown at SXSW festival in 2008, and, after being slowly introduced on VOD, cable and online, in the US, it is finally available to, in theory, everyone.

Of course it's a DVD-R, what might be called 'my neighbour cooked it for me'. While front cover is simple, but representative (pictured), I wish they left the back blank. What we have now, is a blurb with truly bizarre punctuation, an aborted attempt at credits, and only the self promo for Cinetic looks fine. Enhancing the indie experience, the DVD appears as 'EdithsMovie' on computer (I guess that's the producer, Edith Leblanc). If it's the same as with 'Doctor Who Magazine', I'd like 'ChristophersMovie' edition next time, thanks...

Having seen the VOD version on iTunes, I was surprised by a rather different look of the film on the DVD - now it's brighter. Unfortunately the DVD version has many compression artefacts, the main problem being aliasing and some macroblocking.

Still, as neighbour produced DVD's go, this one is fine, especially as packaging is not really of much importance. This is a unique possibility to watch a film that seemed to be doomed never to see the light of the day. Nonetheless, while I'm horribly grateful for this opportunity, I don't think I'm the only one wishing Mr. Almereyda hadn't lost faith in his creation. This is a highly original, unorthodox film that deserves better, and I can only hope that there will come a day when we'll see a proper DVD with director's cut.


Made-to-order DVDs available via amazon.de (Europe) or amazon.com (USA)

Christopher Eccleston as dr. Henry:

Main NOMA post.


Tarot said...

I'm gonna order myself a copy soon.

Hedgehog said...

The DVD-on-demand-thingee worked pretty well for me. Got my order a couple of days ago - liked the movie at first sight although I could've done with some subtitles, American English is my great nemesis. Will get to writing a review after I'm back from London and have had a chance to rewatch one more time.

¡Oye Cristóbal! said...

Hedgehog, it would definitely be interesting to hear what you think about the film.

My own review changed with each viewing and the final version is really not how it started - and I could develop it even further, if it wasn't off the point.