So this was October

October, in certain circles also known as an embarrassment of riches.

The month began with an update to the official 'Amelia' site, providing the first official image of Chris Eccleston as Fred Noonan, but before further influx of materials, Cinetic's information was proven accurate and 'New Orleans, Mon Amour' was made wider available in USA via online VOD services. Find all the details in the home post for the film. We have also added our reviews (Chiclit's, Alex's) to scarcely a handful of existing reactions to the film - the film, which is peculiar, but undoubtedly worth attention.
UPDATE (thanks, Hedgehog): made-to-order DVDs available via (Europe) or (USA).

Back on 'Amelia' front, leading up to the opening on the 23rd, we were treated to an interesting, albeit really too brief interview with Eccleston (watch here on the blog; find more trails and clips through the carry-all post). A week prior to the première, critics started to chime in - all 32 relevant quotes here. To sum up: Lived-in, powerful, yet realistic portrayal of alcoholic celestial navigator Fred Noonan by terrific, but woefully underutilized Chris Eccleston makes for the best moments in the film.
We will continue to monitor the reactions as 'Amelia' moves abroad, do check our in-house reviews out (Chiclit's, Joan's) in the meantime.

And the month ended with a piece of news. Film 'This Beautiful Fantastic' has entered pre-production, and Eccleston is among the announced cast. The role he's playing is not known yet. See this post for particularities - we will be updating when and as soon as we have more information.



Hedgehog said...

Regarding "New Orleans Mon Amour" - I was pleasantly surprised while doing some sniffing around on Amazon to see it listed there. Apparently it is possible to get it as a "custom-made DVD" from the German branch of Amazon ( for 24 Euro. Never saw something like that before, but I decided to try it out - waiting for it to arrive now. I'll do a follow-up report once it's here.

Interestingly enough, I checked and they DO NOT feature an offer such as this.
[url][/url] however does offer it for 20 Dollars (which is a bit cheaper, too, but I've always found cross-pond-shipping a little difficult at best (and things tend to get hold up by customs for some weeks) ;-))

¡Oye Cristóbal! said...


That's fantastic, Hedgehog. Thanks!

German amazon says it's not in stock.
American though has it ready.

What a madness.

Hedgehog said...

You're faster than me - just wanted to break the happy news and saw you'd already changed it to "available again"... well, the email I just got says my copy is due to arrive around Nov 25. (I ordered when it still said "not available" - optimistic as always)

¡Oye Cristóbal! said...

Optimism is good. Sometimes =)
Write a word or two what's the DVD-R like when it arrives.