'The Happiness Salesman' on BBC Two Wales

Available on iPlayer until the 7th Nov.

2010-10-22 Short film 'The Happiness Salesman' will have its TV première on the regional version of BBC Two for Wales Sunday the 31st October, 23:00. With Christopher Eccleston as The Salesman and Archie Panjabi as Karen. Director Krishnendu Majumdar.
Karen is resigned to a life of suburban ennui, the dreams of her youth a distant memory. On an autumn afternoon as she struggles to get her baby to sleep she is disturbed by a door-to-door salesman. Desperate for adult companionship she engages with the enigmatic salesman. He claims he can sell her something that will radically change her life, and offers Karen an opportunity to fulfil long forgotten dreams and ambitions. But is Karen prepared to pay the price?
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nod but I don't live in Wales.

Why do the BBC think they should put it on BBC 2 Wales instead of the national channel of BBC2?

I suppose if I'm really lucky I can wash it on the i-Player but even so it seems stupid to put it on a minority channel that only a few people can watch this again and that's only in the UK.

Grrrr....grrrr the tiger in me is starting to growl

Alex said...

To coin a phrase, count your blessings. You _do_ live in the UK, the land of magic =)

As BBC has acquired the film, it's in the circulation, and it's not unlikely that it will be shown again, maybe to a different public.

Anonymous said...

For any person living in the UK it is available on the i-Player for the next seven days under "Region - Wales" under the following link:


It's in his eyes, those bewitching blue eyes of his that make this short film so beguilling from start to finish.

Sort of a mini "Tales of the Unexpected" and I lapped it up.

Alex said...

Thanks Jen - I'm already linking to that, right under the post title.

Quite interesting little film.