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New description:
John Lennon is one of the most enduring figures in musical and cultural history. Thirty years after his death, Christopher Eccleston stars as the enigmatic musician in a defining period of his life, as he moved from Beatle John to an icon.

The unexpected death of Beatles' manager Brian Epstein 1967 was a turning point in John Lennon's life – and lead to a turbulent period of self destruction and reinvention. Uncompromising, raw and very moving, Lennon Naked charts the dramatic story of the pivotal years when Lennon fell in love with Yoko Ono, divorced his wife, split up from the Beatles and, in 1971, left Britain to live permanently in America.

It was also during these years that Lennon also re-established contact with his father, Freddie – a reunion that started promisingly, but was to go bitterly awry. In the rollercoaster of Lennon’s life in the late 60s, the only relationship that really inspired him was with Yoko Ono - the catalyst who enabled him to break free from his past to begin a new life.

Written by Robert Jones and directed by Edmund Coulthard, key cast also include Christopher Fairbank, Naoko Mori, Claudie Blakley, Rory Kinnear, Allan Corduner, Michael Colgan and Andrew Scott.

lennon nakedOld description:
Christopher Eccleston stars as John Lennon in this 90-minute film in which writer Robert Jones articulates the burden of genius, as well as issues of fatherhood and fame. Lennon Naked charts the transition from "Beatle John" to enduring and enigmatic icon.

John Lennon was used to riff raff turning up outside the gates of his Kenwood mansion in the stockbroker belt of Weybridge - groupies, autograph hunters, early paparazzi, the odd curious tourist. The morning of February 21st 1966 was no exception - although this time there was a familiar face amongst them - his father Freddie. They had spoken only once in 20 years.

Freddie was a dishwasher, working a mile away in a hotel but with no fixed abode. He’d released an ill-fated single of his own some months previously and sold his story for £200 to Tit-Bits magazine. It looked like cashing in and John told him to get lost.

A year later John’s life dramatically changed. Brian Epstein, the greatest father-figure he would ever know, died suddenly. In the grief-stricken days after his death, one of John’s first actions was to write to Freddie out of the blue and suggest a reconciliation.

The film reveals the impact of re-establishing contact with his long lost father Freddie and the events that led John to shed everything both personally and creatively – from divorcing his long-suffering wife Cynthia, to changing his name and ultimately calling time on The Beatles.

Meeting Yoko Ono was the catalyst for this new era and the film explores the development of their extraordinary relationship. Together they experimented with both the musical and artistic avant garde but in doing so become outsiders.

It looks at their growing disillusionment with Britain and what caused John to abandon the UK to start a new life in America. A process that included John harnessing the power of radical Primal Scream psychotherapy to lay the ghosts of his past and go on to record arguably the most powerful solo work of his career.

Key cast also include Christopher Fairbank as Freddie Lennon, Naoko Mori as Yoko Ono, Claudie Blakley as Cynthia Lennon, Rory Kinnear as Brian Epstein, Allan Corduner at Art Janov, Michael Colgan as Derek Taylor and Andrew Scott as Paul McCartney.

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