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Comingsoon (DVD) 6/10 Feb 9
Christopher Eccleston fares better [than Gere and McGregor] as Fred Noonan, Earhart's ill-fated navigator. Unfortunately he's portrayed as a drunk and somewhat incompetent.
Leon at the Movies 5/10 Jan 22 (2010) (South Africa)
Much more successful are Ewan McGregor as her sometime lover and Christopher Eccleston as her unstable navigator with an alcohol problem. They put a much needed spunk into their scenes.
Pay-Per-Hack Writer Nov 16 (Canada)
the only decent turn in amelia is christopher eccleston as navigator fred noonan, who vanishes with her. he's lumped with a caricature role as the good-hearted drunk (there are a lot of drunk men in this movie, though not her father), but he chucks it overboard and turns in a convincing piece - much as he did as the dangerous general near the end of 28 days later.
View London ***-- Nov 11 (UK)
There's also strong support from Christopher Eccleston [...]
Andrew L. Urban Nov 5 (Australia)

[...] but it's Christopher Eccleston as her navigator Fred Noonan who impresses the most, in a challenging role that could easily be overplayed.
Kennebec Journal Nov 5
[...] the vast sparkling Pacific that she and Noonan (a very good low keyed performance by Christopher Eccleston) saw as they began to run out of gas.
The Magic of the Movies Nov 5 ***
Other standouts in the cast include Joe Anderson as Bill Stultz, the skeptical pilot of her first trans-Atlantic trip and Eccleston as Fred Noonan, the ace--but perhaps a bit too alcoholic--celestial navigator of her final journey. Both convey doubt turning to trust convincingly, with Eccleston's character a bit more complex than Anderson's. Eccleston and Swank get the very last moments we see of Amelia and Noonan just right, and eloquently, acting in a confined space with just their faces, eyes and few movements.

Overall, if you're going to see Amelia, see it for the love stories and the main performances by Swank, Gere and Eccleston.
Great History Oct 30
The best of these supporting performances comes from Christopher Eccleston as Fred Noonan, making the round-the-world flight and the interaction between him and Earhart the most compelling in the film.
El Nuevo Herald Oct 30
El trabajo de Gere y McGregor es notable, pero la mejor actuación masculina es la de Christopher Eccleston como Fred Noonan, el fiel copiloto que se esfumó con Earhart en la postrer etapa de la incompleta vuelta al mundo. Medio borracho en un bar, Noonan/Eccleston le confiesa a Amelia que siempre existió al margen, como observador de un triángulo impenetrable. Es el momento cumbre de una película que tiene muchos.

[Gere and McGregor do a remarkable job, but the best actor is Christopher Eccleston as Fred Noonan, the faithful co-pilot who disappeared with Earhart on a stage of ultimately unfinished circumnavigation of the world. Semi drunk in the bar Noonan/Eccleston confesses to Amelia having always remained an observer on the border of the impenetrable triangle. It's one of the peak moments in the film.]
See Magazine Oct 29 ** (Canada)
Swank, Gere, McGregor, and the wonderful Christopher Eccleston (as the alcoholic celestial navigator Fred Noonan) feel like passengers on a whirlwind tour.
Southpawfilmworks Oct 26
Christopher Eccleston, as Earhart's navigator Fred Noonan, is reduced to an alcoholic liability, giving Earhart one more opportunity to convince Putnam that she can "handle it" when her husband fears the worst.
Diana Saenger Oct 24 **1/2
Fortunately, Christopher Eccleston, as Amelia's navigator Fred Noonan, who also disappeared with her, brings some of the more intriguing moments to the screen.
Seacoast Online Oct 24 **--
The film only reaches great heights when it's literally in the air — during the two trans-Atlantic flights and at the end, when Amelia and Fred Noonan (Christopher Eccleston, accent still distracting me, although not as much as in "G.I. Joe") make their ill-fated attempt at reaching Howland Island.
Those scenes had some tense action and the film could've used more of that energy.
(By the way, in terms of the great disappearance mystery, the theory in use seems to be "throw Fred Noonan under the bus while protecting Amelia's reputation.")
Short and Sweet NYC Oct 24
[...] Christopher Eccleston's dynamic portrayal of navigator Fred Noonan was a real standout in this biopic.
Zorianna Kit Oct 23 **---
Over the next decade, we see her rise to greater heights both literally and figuratively, up until that fatal final flight where she and navigator Fred Noonan (a terrific Christopher Eccelston [sic]) disappear over the Pacific Ocean, never to be seen or heard from again.