DWM Special Cover - Nine

2009-09-14 This is the third of four special collectors edition covers of 'Doctor Who Magazine' leading up to the reveal of the all time favourite 200 episodes of 'Doctor Who'. The two other covers revealed so far are Tom Baker 'City of Death' and Peter Davison 'The Caves of Androzani' and the collectors covers are said to commemorate episodes that appeared near the top of the list.

ETA: And here's the top 10 (telegraph.co.uk):

1. The Caves of Androzani (1984)
2. Blink (2007)
3. Genesis of the Daleks (1975)
4. The Talons of Weng-Chiang (1977)
5. The Empty Child (2005)
6. Human Nature (2007)
7. Pyramids of Mars (1975)
8. City of Death (1979)
9. The Robots of Death (1977)
10. Bad Wolf (2005)

For Chiclit's review of the issue and to see how the rest of Series 1 stories fared, continue to this post.


Anonymous said...

Did I tell you that when he came to sign the colour photograph of that picture in October 2007Christopher minced to me, "Oh I look SO camp on that don't I Jennifer darhling!"

And it totally changed my view of him as being an intense, moody, sulking Northerner too!

"The Empty Child" still scares me even though I dress up as a gasmask nurse at events as part of a charity fundraising Doctor Who group.

That enigmatic smile too.

chiclit said...

I happened to be listening to Project Who while working today (new Ipod/talkative cubicle mate/cleaning guy vacuuming)Project Who is a radio program that ran on BBC before Series 1. There are interviews with producer, writers, actors etc. While listening I heard an interesting quote from Chris about how the schedule was so busy that "it would probably 2-3 years before he knew what he had done or been part of" with regard to Doctor Who. Throw in an extra year or two for all the kerfuffle and the cover comes at a nice time.

As for "Empty Child"-that was my first ever Doctor Who episode. Loved it, was surprised by it and have been hooked ever since both on DW and "My Doctor".

Alex said...

All-time Number Nine.
Can't say I _love_ Empty Child/TDD, but as it gave us: Mauve alerts - Has anything fallen from the sky recently? - What's that about, ringing? - Marxism in action or a West End musical - This chicken - I have my moments - Go - to - your - ROOM! - Good source of potassium - Resonating concrete - (Just this once) Everybody lives! ...

... so, yeah.
You know where to find me, gotta watch an ep or two, damn.