So this was June

Traditionally the month started with yet another 'G.I. Joe' TV spot, which offered a glimpse of unseen scene with Destro. It was followed by an extended TV trail, plus a great big second trailer - this one notable for curious absence of the villain. You'd think they should show some respect for the lad who caters for all their killing needs. This post covers all of the trails.

When radio play 'Crossing the Dark Sea' has been made available online, we introduced an audio player to this blog. You will find it on the right here, and you can listen to the play, some interviews and other bits and bobs.

Having offered an experimental short film last month, Tate stories project culminated with the release of the audio book, voiced by CE. You can listen to it and find further information here.

'The Happiness Salesman' premièred at Palm Springs International ShortFest on the 24th. Unfortunately no reviews have surfaced so far. Some have, but we're still interested: Have you seen it? Please let us know.

Finally, the very first trailer for 'Amelia' made its way to the internet. Five glimpses introduced Fred Noonan, Amelia Earhart's navigator played by CE, in the scenes showing a crash landing, a couple of arrivals during their journey, and some very tense moments, apparently from the catastrophe.