Have A Think #3: A Bout Of Tourism

After a week's break - finishing the reviewing - another topic to think about. This time, a simple subject with a twist. Inspired by this postcard for 'Manchester Reads' project, let's take a look at the films we almost know too well from a different angle.
Write a postcard from any Chris Eccleston film you like (ca. 70 words) - that affected you most as a whole, that has a character you find special, or just the last one you saw.

Like this: A postcard from 'Strumpet' by Danny Boyle.
Dear viewer,
Smashing night. Met local cause célèbre, Strayman, - the artiste helped himself to my chips, obviously, but his pack was docile, for a change. He promptly absconded, muttering he has to write something down.
Karaoke was a killer. Tie a yellow ribbon! Bought Strayman a pint for the poetry attack. I wish Cooper Clarke paid a visit and connected Strayman with them right people who'd help him break through for real.



joanr16 said...

Ooh, ooh, I'll bite.

Milky Way -- date unknown.

The vast empty vault's much smaller with shortcuts. Who
was that man in the leather jacket? Could've taught Einstein a thing or two! Dying suns, frozen oceans, scars in spacetime, things I never dreamt-- and then, with a growl and a zephyr, he's gone.

Now the vast starry vault's much emptier without him.

Anonymous said...

Share large pad with two friends. Need lodger. Find lodger. Discover him dead. Find money. Dig shallow grave. Chop limbs off. Spend money. Hoard money in water tank. Police find body. Police interview me. Drill holes in attic. Get a little crazy. Get stabbed in neck by friend. Die.

joanr16 said...

Did one earlier that must still be moderating; then I got this idea for a picture postcard on the drive home from work:

Pillar of Eternal Day: The "Manchester Miracle."

Dear humanity,

Remember how scared we all were of having to face the music at last? Not all that long ago, but today in the perfectly normal rain, it seems like an ancient dark age on some other blind world. Now the daylight knows its place, and the clockwork universe ticks along until the day it will run down of its own accord. So we'll hoist a pint down the pub and say, "RIP Steve Baxter-- you died for the Old Man's sins."


Alex said...

Great, heavy stuff, colleagues.

Here's the original one I wrote for the topic intro:

Playing footy with my mates day in day out. You might've been watching TV, the old codger announcing 'no criminal is safe tonight'. My brothers laugh. Ill-housed and ill-advised, we don't need no school to recognise lies on telly. Our Red filmed his awesome response just round the corner. When I grow up, I want to be like him, brave and heroic, and help everyone from the South Side. RED IS GOD!