So this was May

The month started with the new trail for 'G.I. Joe' (here), offering a new sentence from Destro, but otherwise lacking the punch of the teaser trailer. And now there's a more promising preview clip, screened tonight at MTV Movie Awards.

Unquestionable cinematic achievement is the short film from the latest TateShots issue. Minimalistic in form, the story depicts bleak future. CE provides befitting moody voice-over, and the final result is impressively atmospheric.

While there's still nothing new on 'Amelia' and 'The Happiness Salesman', reported that 'New Orleans, Mon Amour' is getting an online release in July. Details to follow.

Also, Claude made a brief and somewhat random reappearance in the part 3 of 'Heroes' graphic novel 'Rebellion'. All relevant graphic novels can be accessed via this post. While the style and recognizability varies wildly, one cannot dismiss the fact that the stories do provide vital information and expand Claude's character.

And finally, the event of the month is of course the première of the play 'A Doll's House' at Donmar, London, where CE plays Neil Kelman alongside Gillian Anderson (Nora), Tara Fitzgerald (Christine Lyle) et al. Following the previews from May 14th, the play opened for press and public on the 19th and will run until the 18th of July.
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